John Phillips: LNC Update

LNC Region 6 Rep John Phillips summarizes this weekend’s LNC meeting (via FB):

1. We passed a balanced budget after much wrangling. Pretty well every section of the budget had to take a big hit. Hence my recent push for membership and donations.

1A) We all argued and wrangled, but special thanks to Joe Bishop-Henchman and Richard Longstreth for their efforts in making it happen. I had a basic idea of just cutting across the board, but they stayed up all night hashing out details, then fighting through making it work

1B) We all really had to take hits to our pet projects. It sucks, but if people don’t like it I suggest digging deep and putting your money where your mouth is. I did. To the tune of pledging $2500 in 2019 (tho to be fair that does include my gold package for the 2020 convention as part of the Welcoming Committee package). I am a mechanic, that is a metric crap ton percentage of my yearly income, I say this not to brag, but to solidify how little whining I will listen to about being asked to donate.

2. We saved the CRM project WITHOUT having to resort to charging state affiliates. So I heartily recommend your states sign up for this no charge tool provided by the National party.

3. We passed the resolution in support of Lieberland.

4. We did not accept Robin Koerner’s proposal, we did however leave it open for further negotiations.

5. We did not finish the agenda, but Ms. Harlos rightfully badgered us into agreeing to an online meeting to finish it. Love ya Caryn Ann.

Those are the major points. If you have questions I work very hard to respond to questions so feel free to reach out.


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