Green Party of New York supports Cuomo’s effort to expand NYPA role with renewable energy

ALBANYThe Green Party of New York today urged state legislative leaders to drop their opposition to the Governor’s budget proposal to expand the role of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) in developing renewable energy, including providing electricity to CCAs (Community Choice Aggregation) and other public entities.

“With time running out to save life on this planet from catastrophic climate change, this is not the moment for state lawmakers to focus on protecting the profits of private developers of renewable energy. This needs to be an all-hands-on-deck moment. Public ownership of renewables would speed up their development and reduce costs for consumers,” noted Peter LaVenia, state party co-chair.

A more expansive proposal by the Governor last year to allow NYPA to directly own renewables was rejected by the legislature.

During the recent statewide elections for Governor and State Comptroller, the Greens called to significantly expand pubic ownership of renewables and energy systems beyond that which Cuomo has proposed. Public ownership of renewables has been a key factor in the success in other countries such as Germany in expanding renewables. Public pensions have been a significant factor in Europe’s rapid deployment in off shore wind while the US has only one small boutique system off of Block Island.

The Green Party has called for public ownership of the transmission system since the present inefficient patchwork private system remains a major roadblock to the transition to 100% clean energy. The Greens called for the state to provide funding to any municipality willing to site and build large-scale renewable energy systems. The inability of most private developers to obtain approval to site such facilities is a major factor in the state’s anemic development of renewable energy; wind and solar account for less than 5% of the state’s electricity.

The Greens rejected the statement by the chair of the Senate Energy Committee, Kevin Parker, that “We wanted to be clear that we are not having NYPA do anything that the market should be doing.”

“The market is responsible for climate change and bringing us to the point where the very survival of the human species is now in question. Continuing to allow our energy system to be driven by the maximization of profits by private developers is signing our death warrant. It is time for eco-socialism where our energy system is democratically controlled and owned and the focus is meeting the needs of both humans and nature,” added Gloria Mattera, State party co-chair.


Green Party of New York

For Immediate Release
March 26, 2019

Peter LaVenia, Co-chair, GPNY or 518-495-8001
Gloria Mattera, Co-chair, GPNY or 917-886-4538

4 thoughts on “Green Party of New York supports Cuomo’s effort to expand NYPA role with renewable energy

  1. Don J Grundmann

    It is truly amazing that these total nitwits not only continue to claim that ” The Sky Is Falling!!! ” but can screech about ” time running out to save life on the planet from catastrophic climate change!!!!” Do they really believe their own idiotic drivel and, especially, believe that the American People will slit their own economic throats by supporting an absolutely idiotic and insane idea like ” The Green New Deal???” Answer- YES. They and their banker controllers ( The Plantation Masters ) really DO believe that the American People are total fools and idiots who will support this total hysteria which has ZERO evidence to back it up! My answer – Debate!! Reality – the supporters of the GND and the ” Climate Change ” madness/hysteria/insanity will NEVER debate because they would instantly be exposed as the total and complete idiots that they are. These freaks are working to produce mass poverty for all of humanity and are in fact Enemies of Humanity. May they all fry in hell – alone instead taking us all with them as they want to do.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Dr. Grundmann, are you considering seeking the CP’s 2020 presidential nomination? It seems as though the only prospective candidates so far are coal baron/convicted felon (who many miners say is responsible for the Upper Branch Mine Disaster on April 5th, 2010 that resulted in the deaths of 29 miners in West Virginia) Don Blankenship (famous for “China people”, “Cocaine Mitch” and casually using the word “negro” to refer to blacks) and prohibitionist Bill Bayes.

    I’m thinking about starting a news website devoted to the Constitution Party, which even though is much less strong than it used to be, is the most interesting of the Big Three Parties – we all remember a former Constitution Party of Wisconsin state chairman’s bombastic columns, for example, as well as the 2018 South Dakota CP drama with Lora Hubbell and Lori Stacey, which resulted in the CP not receiving ballot status for Governor.

    March 31st, 2019, I’m planning on launching or I’ve head a 3 year break from third party blogging and it’s time to jump back into the cesspool.

    Anyone would’ like to help with this new third party news site can email me at I’m looking forward to this new project. Libertarians have IPR, Greens have (or had?) Green Party Watch, so it makes sense for their to be an outlet focusing on the CP. Right-wing minor parties will have a subsection on the site as well.

    Anyway, here’s a Throwback (11:33 PM) Thursday: Here’s my interview with Dr. Grundmann from 3 years ago:

  3. Don J Grundmann

    Krzysztof – After the last election cycle I had decided to campaign for the 15th California Congressional District seat held by Eric Swalwell and had no intention of seeking the CP Presidential nomination. I have recently changed my perspective and will campaign for both positions.

    I hope that this note finds you well.

    Best to you,

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
    Chairman, Constitution Party of California

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