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LP Radical Caucus – 2020 Presidential Candidate Grading Summary

Via Richard Fast:

The Libertarian Party Radical Caucus has issued grades for the following candidates running for the LP’s nomination for president or vice president. Candidates were graded on a combination of the alignment of their stated positions with the goals and platform of the LPRC, their effectiveness in presenting those positions, and application of libertarian principles in their campaigns.

Candidates for both offices were graded on similar criteria, and are listed together because it is often the case that a candidate for president will end up becoming a candidate for vice president — but candidates thought to be seeking only the vice presidential nomination are noted with “(vp)”.

Arvin Vohra – A
Spike Cohen (vp) – A
Adam Kokesh – B
Dan Behrman – B
Jo Jorgensen – B
John McAfee (vp) – B
John Monds – B
Vermin Supreme – B
Jacob Hornberger – C
Jim Gray – D
Justin Amash – D [ subsequently decided against running -p]
Larry Sharpe (vp) – D
James Ogle – F
Joe Exotic – F

While looking for an image for this article I stumbled across the website posting of this on the caucus page and found the following additional note:

[Note that there are other candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination than the above. They were not graded due to one or more of the following: a) They did not answer our request for information; b) We were not otherwise aware of their campaign positions; and/or c) They were too far afield from the Radical Caucus’ stated goals that our Board members felt it inappropriate to invest our time in rating them.]

Best wishes to all of the candidates who are working hard to secure the Libertarian Party’s nomination, and for doing their best to persuade more Americans of the necessity of adopting Libertarian solutions for current issues.


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Find your voice. Join us.

All people really need is for #TheViolentState to just get out of the way.

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  1. Kevin Bjornson Kevin Bjornson May 18, 2020

    I am a radical classical liberal/classical libertarian. I have to add “classical” because unlike many self-identified “libertarians” I base my views on the NIFP and not vague trendy notions of “aggression”.

    As a radical libertarian, I tried to join the “radical libertarian” caucus but was told I have to agree 100% with their wordy. convoluted, micro-managing platform paper.

    I’m mystified as to why Hornberger was given only a “C” as he is crazily radical on non-interventionism (which the “radical” caucus views as synonymous with non-aggression). Perhaps his anti-abortion views were viewed as a disqualifier. However this issue is really philosophical and the correct view can’t be reliably discovered by adopting a-priori assumptions. We can’t achieve cosmic justice in regard to abortion because we can’t define a-priori when human life begins.

    With classical libertarianism (invented by Greco-Romans), the common law was used to approximate natural justice. I’ll bet that nobody in the “radical” caucus has any idea of Jus Naturale and Jus Gentium or how liberty was conceived after the agricultural revolution. I imagine they are in the libertarian quadrant, but if their platform were implemented (very unlikely), civilization would quickly collapse and the world would enter a new dark ages (due to their categorical non-interventionism).

    I notice another anomaly, Jim Gray got a “D” (I would have given him an “F” (for viewing terrorism as morally equivalent to counter-terrorism); while they also gave Larry Sharpe a “D” (I would have given him at least a “C”).

  2. robert capozzi robert capozzi May 19, 2020

    Love that they included Joe Exotic!

    Supreme/Exotic 2020
    “Because we don’t give a fuck”

  3. Jared Jared May 19, 2020

    The only presidential candidate to receive an A rating is Arvin “School Board Shootings, LOL” Vohra? Even with a few other dogmatic market anarchists in the race? God help these people.

  4. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos May 19, 2020

    indeed, Jared. frightening

    the insufferable dogma that must ooze out of every meeting of that group…it probably gives the various socialist parties in the US a run for their money.

  5. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk May 19, 2020

    Yep. They sure don’t have any credibility in my eyes, especially when they give an individual like Arvin Vohra top grade.

    F*ck purity.

  6. William Saturn William Saturn May 19, 2020

    “an individual like Arvin Vohra”

    What’s wrong with Arvin? I like him. He always has a strong presence during debates. His public speaking is second to none. I know it won’t happen but Vohra-Sarwark could be a strong ticket.

  7. paulie paulie May 20, 2020

    What’s wrong with Arvin?

    I think it was feeling boxed in by trying to be too nice for too long. He may be overcompensating.

    I like him.

    Me too. We always got along well in person, and that didn’t change the last time I saw him, after he started swirling a whole lot of controversy. But some of his opinions have unfortunately gone off the deep end, and he’s naive at best about the alt right. It’s why, despite as you note being a great public speaker and being a two term incumbent, he got a single digit percentage for Vice Chair in New Orleans.

  8. paulie paulie May 20, 2020

    the insufferable dogma that must ooze out of every meeting of that group

    Actually, the only thing insufferable about the meetings is the politburo style bureaucratic endlessness. It was incredibly dull, and after a while, indeed insufferable. The fire and brimstone you imagine was rather remarkably lacking.

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