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LPKY Chairman Says Vohra and Kokesh ‘Not Being Truthful’

Chris Wiest, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) has dismissed criticism from 2020 Libertarian presidential candidates Arvin Vohra and Adam Kokesh that the criteria for the LPKY presidential debate series was skewed to favor certain candidates.

“They are not being truthful,” says Wiest, “And frankly, they are not in a position to know.”

Vohra, the former LNC vice chair, and Kokesh, an antiwar activist, both allege that in the Facebook polls used to select participants for the fifth and final debate in the LPKY series, voters were given more time to vote following part two than part four.  Poll results after the two debates were added together to select the part five participants.

Wiest argues Vohra and Kokesh have it backwards.

“Funny thing,” he explains, “we let the candidates Wednesday night [after part four] have more time in their poll than the ones Saturday [after part two].”

Part five of the LPKY debate series takes place tonight at 8 PM EDT.  Participants are FFF founder Jacob Hornberger, 1996 vice presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, performance artist Vermin Supreme, 2012 vice presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray, and Congressman Justin Amash in his first debate.  LPKY software allows for a debate of only five candidates at a time. Wiest will serve as moderator.


  1. paulie paulie May 10, 2020

    So Capozzi supports some sort of Universal Basic Income like Amash does?

    Capozzi is for it in general. Amash, at least that I have noticed so far, has only called for it as an emergency measure for the current crisis.

  2. Carol Moore Carol Moore May 10, 2020

    So Capozzi supports some sort of Universal Basic Income like Amash does? That’s why we need a transcript. I hurt my wrist so can’t do it for a couple days.

    Check it out.

  3. robert capozzi robert capozzi May 10, 2020


    Define “truly.” I think the guy is about as good an L pol I’ve ever seen. Nah, he IS the best….

  4. carol moore carol moore May 9, 2020

    I hope someone will do a transcript of what Amash said because most of his truly libertarian supporters would NOT be happy…
    oi oi oi

  5. David Pratt Demarest David Pratt Demarest May 9, 2020

    Nice cover-up spin doctor blurb that reinforces by concerns about the selections for the final debate. No reflection on Gray and Amash, but the illegitimacy of their selection for the final debate speaks for itself.

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