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Vermin Supreme nomination speeches

Via Avens O’Brien at her blog:

On Saturday, I had the honor of nominating Vermin Supreme for our presidential candidate at the Libertarian Party.

After 4 rounds of voting, he lost, 3rd place in a tight race (our candidates require first past 50%, so we do multiple rounds until we have a clear choice.

It was a pleasure to see him campaign, and to be a part of his campaign.

I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Hodey Johns, Spike Cohen, and Vermin himself.

Since Vermin’s own speech was cut for time, here is his complete speech in text form:

Natural 20!

Fellow delegates, and members of the Libertarian party, and America,

I am humbled to be nominated today for the highest honor the LP can bestow – the presidential ticket.

While we are a young party, we are a mighty one, and I believe the addition of my own personal media savvy and out-sized social media influence, together, can create something truly incredible.

There are many thousands if not millions of disenfranchised left-wing voters this year, disgusted by the corruption of the DNC and ready to vote against the system. A Vermin Supreme campaign can win those votes over for us, and in many cases already has.

Those voters aren’t authoritarians because they have a love for government, they are ANTI-authoritarians because they see the same failures of government that we do.

They see the problems of endless wars, a militarized police system, corporate bailouts, oil subsidies, and the only political figure who has been able to connect with them and present a response was Bernie Sanders.

We see those same issues, and propose solutions based on freedom, based on voluntarism, and based on love and mutual aid and those voters will come around not just at the ballot box in November, but will support and grow the movement for liberty for a generation to come.

During this campaign alone, I have brought into the party people who were not only supporting other parties presidential campaigns; I have brought into the party *staff* from the other parties, who bring to us a wealth of experience in the strategy and successful growth of campaigns.

I have put together a team of amazing people, some principled libertarians and some not libertarians yet, across this great country, and we have done incredible things. We will continue to do great things, and to build the campaign as your nominee.

Our campaign ad: ‘You Are The Power’, has been seen over a hundred thousand times just in the last week- without any mainstream coverage or paid airings on television.

In that same, short time before the convention, we have received over 200 new donations, mostly from people outside of the party.

I fully respect the practice of delegates choosing the VP candidate. If you watched the VP debates that took place, I trust that you, like I, will agree that Spike Cohen is the correct choice for Vice President.

The chemistry, the balance, and the shared visions of our messaging work very well together, and I feel that he is my most workable partner in spreading the message of Liberty to the rest of the country. While I can speak passionately on many topics, those that I am weaker on are those where my partner shines, and our voice is amplified and strengthened as a ticket this way.

Remember an endorsement for Spike Cohen IS an endorsement for Vermin Supreme.

Our party has fantastic candidates running for our nomination this year, and I would like to publicly thank them, and invite them to join my team if I am blessed to receive your votes.

I would enjoy nothing more than a Supreme/Cohen campaign with Jacob Hornberger as an economic advisor, with John Monds as an outreach coordinator, with Dan Behrman and Jo Jorgenson as media surrogates, and with every single one of our candidates united behind the nominee.

We do best as a movement when we stand united, and I want to see us leave this as a unified party, with our only enemy being the authoritarian state.

The question of balance between principles and pragmatism is hotly debated within the party, but I am here to say that they are not exclusive!

Can we have a candidate who is unwavering in their support of the Libertarian party platform and principles? YES.

Can we have a candidate who speaks to voters outside of the party in a way that inspires them to learn more, to come around, and to eventually vote for and support us? YES.

Can we have a candidate who can do BOTH? I say yes, and I believe that I am that candidate.

Together we can challenge the omnipotent state.

Together we can defend the rights of the individual.

Together we can spread the word of liberty, and

Together we CAN see a world set free in our lifetimes.

Thank You


IPR note: also seeking copy of Vermin’s concession speech.

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  1. paulie paulie May 29, 2020

    IPR note: also seeking copy of Vermin’s concession speech.

    Text, youtube or both.

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