10 thoughts on “December 2020 Open Thread

  1. paulie

    I don’t read this site or follow politics anymore. My account was charged $59 for spam protection for this site which was supposed to have been a one time charge last year because no one else was willing to pay it. I am not agreeing to pay that this time. I have contacted akismet to remove my card and return my money. If and when they do this site will be flooded with spam comments and basically not usable to comment back and forth. If anyone does care to keep it open for that you will have to pay akismet. Take it up with the site owner as to how to do that. He doesn’t want to pay it himself. It’s likely no one else does either since no one did last year and supposedly my comment last month got forwarded to the list and I had not heard back since then.

    It’s likely that if no one pays that 59 dollars that this site will go away because of comments are unusable people probably will not want to post articles either. I don’t know and no longer care. I Will not be back to see if anyone replies and don’t know if anyone replies to my comment last month. Thus will be my last one. I’m using my phone and can barely see or hit these letters. I don’t usually use my phone for internet. I don’t have a computer anymore or any of people’s numbers I used to have in my last phone. I do not have access to email, facebook, messenger or ipr email list. I live in the boonies and voice calls go in and out. So if anyone needs to reach me for any reason I am only available by text message. The number is still 205 534 1622. It’s ok if no one wants to reach me. Just fair warning about what is about to happen to this site for anyone who may still care. Maybe no one does and I don’t either any more.

  2. Jared

    Really sorry to hear Paulie is going through a rough patch.

    I’m not super-knowledgeable about site plugins, but Antispam Bee is a worthy alternative to Akismet for blocking comment spam, compatible with WordPress native comments, and I believe free of charge even for commercial websites.

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