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Former President Trump Declares He Will Not Start a New Third Party

Despite reports he was considering creating a third political party (the Patriot Party), former President Donald Trump declared today during his CPAC speech in Orlando that he will remain a Republican and continue to be a leader for the party.  He hinted he may run again for president in 2024.  Trump won CPAC’s 2024 presidential preference straw poll with 55 percent support and received an approval rating of 97 percent among attendees, up from 95 percent last year.

If Trump runs for President in 2024 and wins the election, he will be the first president elected to nonconsecutive terms since Grover Cleveland in 1892.  Like Trump, Cleveland received more votes in his reelection campaign (1888) than in his initial campaign (1884) but lost to his opponent (Benjamin Harrison) in a controversial election.  After his election in 1892, Cleveland solidified his status as a beloved public figure and conservative icon.  Theodore Roosevelt attempted a return to the presidency on a nonconsecutive basis in 1912 after leaving office in 1909.  As the nominee of the progressive third party, the Bull Moose Party, Roosevelt finished second place in 1912, edging incumbent Republican president William Howard Taft and falling short of Democratic Party nominee Woodrow Wilson.  Roosevelt planned a run for the Republican Party’s 1920 presidential nomination and was the frontrunner for the nomination when he died from a blood clot in 1919.  Other past presidents who unsuccessfully sought the presidency after leaving office include Martin Van Buren and Millard Fillmore (both of whom were associated with third parties), and Ulysses S. Grant.

As for alternative politics, President Trump was previously a member of the Reform Party of the United States and briefly sought its 2000 nomination for president.  He hinted at an independent run in 2012 but decided against it.  During his successful 2016 presidential campaign, Trump was nominee of the American Independent Party in addition to the Republican Party.

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  1. Ed Ed March 1, 2021

    President Jimmy Carter has also revealed he has no plans to run as a third party candidate in 2024.

  2. Longtime Reader Longtime Reader March 1, 2021

    It looks like the reaction to this announcement has been swift and already many “Patriot Party” groups have begun to fold.

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