News & Notes: Amash Keynotes LPNH Convention, Indiana Greens Back Better Ballot

An Idaho state representative who helped steer the state into ditching the lucrative Powerball lottery because of (unfounded) fears that it would lead to gun restrictions recently took a shot at the Libertarian Party’s platform as part of an attempt to proclaim his conservative bona fides

In a recent newsletter, Rep. Scott Syme wrote, “I have said this before and will say it again. I don’t vote based on a score or a grade. No lobbyist owns me, especially the Libertarian lobbyist that scores bills. I am a Conservative Republican not a Libertarian. From the Libertarian Platform, Libertarians believe my rights are more important than yours, ‘all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and are not forced to sacrifice their values for the benefit of others.’ Abortion they are pro-choice: ‘we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.’ Sex trafficking: ‘The Libertarian Party supports the decriminalization of prostitution.’ These statements are not Republican values and that is why I don’t value their scoring. I vote based on what is good for Idaho and what I believe the majority of my constituents want.”

Justin Amash is keynoting the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s convention this weekend.

Amash will be speaking remotely from Michigan and his keynote will be followed by a Questions and Answers session. Amash, former US Representative from Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District was elected and served as a Republican for nine years before joining the Libertarian Party in 2020. Amash was the highest seated Libertarian in the party’s history. He was the founder and chair of the House Liberty Caucus, saying his votes reflect “Limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.”

The Indiana Green Party has officially endorsed Better Ballot Indiana.

Better Ballot Indiana is a non-partisan Indiana non-profit corporation (501c3) formed to educate and empower Hoosiers to strengthen democracy in Indiana through Ranked Choice Voting.

The Libertarian Party of California has a new Executive Director.

In his first actions as Executive Director, Tim Ferreira says he will implement more modern information technology, focus on growing the Party’s membership and donations, and increase the fielding of viable candidates for the 2022 elections. Ferreira added, “In the next 18 months, I would like to see the Party dramatically expand the number of elected Libertarians in the state.”

7 thoughts on “News & Notes: Amash Keynotes LPNH Convention, Indiana Greens Back Better Ballot

  1. Johno

    I be more impressed if Justin Amash ran as (L) in either New Hampshire or Michigan. He has the name recognition to get elected as (L) instead of speeches.

  2. George Phillies

    The LPNH elected new leadership. The LP Mises caucus, by report, staged a total takeover, bringing in about 40 new people as convention attendees and amending the bylaws to allow one of them to be elected Treasurer.

  3. Jared

    My concern with the Mises Caucus isn’t over their more conservative social views, even if they’d like to believe their Libertarian critics are all a bunch of social progressives pandering to the woke.

    It’s their Hoppean cultural gatekeeping and heavy border restrictionism, their visceral negativity toward any person or idea that appeals to left-wing values and concerns vs. those of the right, their drive to wed the LP to anti-empirical third wave Austrian economics, and their cynical rhetoric of seizing control of an organization they openly despised until sensing an opportunity to flood the party with paleo-ancaps and install their own in positions of leadership. I appreciate the Mises Caucus’s uncompromising anti-war stance, but I’m not sure whether it stems more from a commitment to peace and a recognition of our common humanity or from an anti-globalist isolationism kindled by nativist conspiracy theories. Seems to be a fair amount of both among the rank and file.

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