Alliance Party April 2021 Newsletter

The Alliance Party sent out the following newsletter earlier this week updating email subscribers on the latest party news for this month:

“Own Your Future”


April 2021


Due to both personal and health reasons Darcy Richardson is unable to continue with the full duties as National Chair. Therefore, he and Vice Chair Jonathan Etheridge have swapped positions whereby making Darcy Richardson a Vice Chair and Jonathan Etheridge our new National Chair.

Congratulations to Jonathan

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As you can see we have engaged in a rebrand which has produced a new logo as seen above. Dating back as early in the Summer of 2020 we knew that we were in need of a national identity. We needed to determine who we are as a party, and who is our target support base. following much research we found a void in politics of the future. American politics is consumed with the next election or two but not the overall picture. We are to be the party of the future.

In doing the math and the research we discovered that the future electorate are those born after 1981, It is inevitable that these voters will dominate the electoral scene therefore, as the party of the future our goal is to serve them and lead America into their future by empowering them now. Therefore we have adopted the tagline:

“Own Your Future”

Please visit the website at to seem more branding and policy statements.

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In order for us to keep up with our expansion, and grow even more we need a software platform called Nationbuilder . This is a fully-integrated software solution designed specifically for politics to help us streamline our organization and keep up with the technology of the two ruling parties.

This will help us organize and reach the right people with timely messages effectively targeted to our most engaged donors, advocates and supporters- the people who will help grow our community and scale the Alliance Party,

This integrated software platform also provides fundraising capabilities, social media marketing, polling, online petitions, and much more. Data management has proven to be the key to winning. This proven recruitment tool will also grow our grassroots leadership and add candidates to our team.

As the name implies, with this we can effectively create our community; our nation of supporters.

Please Help Us maintain Nationbuilder With A Donation Today!

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John’s Corner

Did you know the constitution doesn’t mention anything about political parties? In fact George Washington in his Farewell Address in 1796 warned against the formation of political parties !!!   “… warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of [political] part[ies].”  George Washington

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We Will Show You How

Click Here

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Please note that the party is 100% volunteers, no one receives any monies for their dedicated service. All contributions go to party building and candidate support.

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Listen Up: After Dark Podcast

Did you know the Alliance has its own podcast? Thanks to volunteer hosts and producers Dan Schaefer and Greg Russo. New After Dark: The Alliance Radio Hour podcasts are posted on Sundays.

Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

Apr 18th, 2021 by theallianceparty

Commentary: This week we feature a commentary on the price we all pay for short-term political thinking.


New Branding and Messaging

Apr 11th, 2021 by theallianceparty

The Alliance Party is rolling out new branding and messaging. We have a new tag line, a new pitch, and a vision that focuses on the future. And new colors! The Alliance Party’s National Chair, Jonathan Etheridge, and the Political Director, Tim Cotton, come together on this podcast to discuss background and motivation behind the new efforts for branding and messaging.


Looking Forward

Apr 4th, 2021 by theallianceparty

In this Easter episode, we review a podcast from earlier this year, where Jim Rex, our prior National Chair, reviews 2020, but more importantly, talks about what’s ahead in 2021.


The Alliance Party Manifesto – Revisited

Mar 28th, 2021 by theallianceparty

This is a rebroadcast of a highly rated episode from June 7, 2020, where we talked with Jim Rex and Jonathan Etheridge about the Alliance Party’s Manifesto. Though the positions of Jonathan and Jim have since changed, the Manifesto remains as strong and relevant as ever. Listen in as these two party leaders discuss the Manifesto and their vision of “America 2.0.”

Roundtable Discussion with Mark Cardenas

Mar 21st, 2021 by theallianceparty

Mark Cardenas, the Alliance Party’s Florida State Chair, joins Greg and Dan to discuss politics in Florida. Why does Florida get such a bad rap for being at the epicenter of political dysfunction in this nation? The answer is that there is a complex combination of factors, including a highly diverse set of voting blocks, each with their own priorities.

Reaching these diverse voting blocks has been a challenge for both parties, though for the time being, the Republicans have done a much better job of it. They have tuned into the chief concerns of the voting blocks and crafted messages that strongly resonate with voters’ largely religious values. The Democrats, on the other hand, can’t seem to get away from playing defense.

In the meantime, the debate over voting rights threatens to put Republicans on the wrong side of history, as they continue chipping away at voting rights using racially coded messaging, which may, in the long term, alienate the diverse voting blocks they need to win in Florida. All these factors present a good opportunity for the Alliance Party to make a strong showing in the state of Florida.


Post Election Discussion – Rebroadcast

Mar 14th, 2021 by theallianceparty

It wasn’t that long ago in terms of linear time, but so much has happened since the election in 2020. Listen in on this rebroadcast of a fairly popular episode of the Alliance Party After Dark as Michael Burger and Tim Cotton discuss the results of the 2020 election in terms of its effect on the nation as well as how the Alliance Party performed overall.


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7 thoughts on “Alliance Party April 2021 Newsletter

  1. Richard Winger

    George Washington did not warn against the establishment of political parties. He warned against the “spirit” of partisanship. It’s right there in the quote, but the Alliance Party newsletter uses the quote and then pretends it says something different. Washington was an active Federalist Party leader. He was nonpartisan in his approach, and had leaders of both parties in his cabinet. But there is no doubt that he was a Federalist, not a Democratic-Republican. The main issue that separated the parties during his presidency was foreign affairs. The Federalists hated the French Revolution; the Democrat-Republicans liked it. Washington even had a portrait of Louis XVI hanging in his office when the French ambassador came to call on him. Of course by then the French Revolution had beheaded the king.

  2. Jared

    Does the Alliance Party claim to be centrist anymore? They initially wanted to appeal to both center-left and center-right, but their platform definitely leans left.

  3. Johno

    What is the ideology of this party? Is it a centrist/moderate party? Or is it something else?

  4. Ryan

    Darcy Richardson at the Convention last year was introduced in a speech by Brian Moore, a former Socialist Party presidential nominee. Richardson ran that campaign and another one for Moore in 2006.

    One of the national-level officials I went to his Facebook page and he was a big Sinn Fein guy.

    Someone needs to update the Alliance Party and Darcy Richardson Wikipedia pages. Both still list him as National Chairman.

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