Libertarian Party Born @ 3:34pm Mountain Time, 11 Dec 1971; 50 Years Ago Today

The Libertarian Party of the United States turned 50 years old earlier today.

On 11 December 1971 eight individuals met in Colorado Springs, CO and at 3:34pm Mountain Time declared the establishment of a new political party.

The Party’s first convention would be held only 187 days later.

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Those individuals were: David Nolan, a 27-year-old advertising copywriter; Susan Nolan, a secretary; Dale Nelson, a University of Denver graduate student; Pipp Boyls, a Colorado Springs attorney; Hue Futch, a Colorado wild mountain man, Luke Zell, operator of a home furnishings business; John James, an architect; and Eric Westling, operator of a mail order business. (From: GIVE THEM LIBERTY – AND THEN SOME by Billy Bowles, Detroit Free Press, 08 April 1984, page 1B.)

Libersign birthday cake from LP’s 16th birthday celebration.

Astrological chart produced by AdZe MiXXE for David (Knowland) Nolan.

“Professional astrologer Adze Mixxe said it best. No matter what your political identity is, he told people, “You will get 100 percent enjoyment from the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” (Source.)

IPR Readers with an interest in both astrology and the LP may find the following chart useful for predicting the future of the party:

Careful readers may note that “KOCH” was the house system used – a reference not to Charles and David Koch, but to Walter Koch, a prominent German astrologer.

The full report contains insights such as:

Libertarian’s Sun Opposition in David’s Mars

“This is an active, energetic relationship and you accomplish a great deal together.  Be wary, however, of a tendency to butt heads when your combined dynamic energy makes you both feel important.”

In a 1977 article David F. Nolan recalled the events leading up to the birth of the Party:

“It was July 17, 1971 . . . five of us met in my living room to lay plans for a new political party. . . . After a prolonged pro-and-con discussion, we agreed to put off making any decision, talk to some other people that we knew, and reconvene in a month.

“Our second meeting was set for August 15. When we gathered that hot August afternoon, our first order of business was to turn on the TV set and watch Richard Nixon’s historical address to the nation in which he announced the demonetization of the dollar and the imposition of wage-price controls. Needless to say, that galvanized us into action. . . .

“Throughout the summer and fall of 1971, our Colorado group continued to meet once every three or four weeks, while simultaneously keeping in touch with like-minded individuals around the country and slowly expanding our network of contacts.

“By December, the Committee had nearly 100 members, and at a meeting on December 11, 1971, our Colorado based “core group” – now expanded to eight members – voted to dissolve the Committee to Organize, and become the Libertarian Party.

“A sidelight of minor interest: During the Committee’s brief existence, we surveyed the members on several points, among them the choice of name for the new party. First choice among those offered by the “core group” was New Liberty Party, but there were enough write-ins for Libertarian Party that we held a runoff and Libertarian Party won by a narrow margin.”

NOTE: with only 8 people voting, was the narrow margin 5 to 3?

From: In the Beginning: A Brief Overview of the LP’s First Years by Dave Nolan, Turning Point, 6th Annual National LP Convention newsletter, 14-17 July 1977, p4.

7 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Born @ 3:34pm Mountain Time, 11 Dec 1971; 50 Years Ago Today

  1. Robert Milnes

    J.R. Myers.
    One of few people, including New Federalist, who has commented on my blog, The PLAS Place.
    IIRC Matt Chalko commented here at IPR that he would comment there except for all the nonsense-trolling, largely by paulie I am confident of.
    What do you think of my proposal to allow, on a temporary experimental basis, nazis to caucus within the LP?
    On my political spectrum graph I actually find the libertarians to be THE MOST rightist as they actually go on to the end of the spectrum, the anarchists. So there must be left anarchists and right anarchists.
    I read Radical Man by Charles Hampden-Turner quite some time ago but I am not sure how much I actually comprehended.
    The sovereign citizens should be in there someplace.
    Since I am a progressive (leftist) I must say rightists are a confusing bunch to me.
    And SCARY! But evidently necessary.

  2. Austin Cassidy

    Just a quick general note, let’s keep comments primarily “on topic” to the main story… and also limit the conspiracy stuff. There’s a million other places on the Internet to discuss those topics. Thanks.


    Susan, your former husband was nothing if not persistent. It might be interesting to poll libertarians and find out how many wished it had only lasted 50 days and how many are happy it lasted (and continues to last) 50 years.

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