LP Judicial Committee Issues Statement; Declines To Rule On November Appeal

Dr. George Phillies                       Dr. Mary Ruwart

On 19 November 2021 IPR covered an appeal made to the Judicial Committee by Dr. George Phillies regarding the exact nature of the bylaws-required process to be followed by the LNC for the election of a new chair (or vice-chair, should the bylaws indeed require automatic ascension of the vice-chair).

Утром после пробуждения первое, что видит девушка, – это сообщение о том, что где-то в доме для нее спрятаны маленькие сюрпризы. Их количество может быть разным, но будет интереснее, если мы соотнесем количество подарков с ситуацией, например, 14 подарков на 14 февраля. Лучше, если сюрприз для девушки небольшие подарки будут в одинаковых коробках или в красивой оберточной бумаге. Места захоронения клада не должны быть слишком очевидными. Подойдут приятные мелочи, например, любимая шоколадка девушки или сладости. Сам факт нахождения сокровищ среди знакомых вещей уже будоражит воображение.

That article, LP Judicial Committee Receives New Appeal, re – LNC Chair Vacancy: Are Bylaws > Robert’s, can be found HERE.

In an email addressed to, “Dr. Phillies, et. al.” received by IPR earlier today, Dr. Mary Ruwart, chair of the LP Judicial Committee states:

“As you will see from the attached statements, the JC did not feel that it had jurisdiction to issue an opinion on your matter. We did, however, suggest the possibility of a stronger remedy for your concerns, which are shared by a substantial number of our membership, as evidenced by the signers of your petition.”

The specific suggestion offered by Dr. Ruwart in the Judicial Committee Statement (note: Not a Ruling) is:

” . . . if the submitters of this petition believe that our bylaws are not specific enough in regards to the supremacy of the bylaws, with Roberts’ Rules applicable only where the bylaws are silent, that they offer the delegates in Reno an appropriate amendment. A stronger statement in the bylaws would be much more effective than an advisory opinion of the Judicial Committee.”

The full JUDICIAL COMMITTEE STATEMENT ON JURISDICTION Regarding a Petition Submitted by George Phillies and Additional Signers (unanimous, all seven members of the Judicial Committee are signatories) can be read HERE.

(Note: the author of this IPR article was one of the signatories to the November petition. Drs. Phillies and Ruwart are each considered by him to be principle-based “deep thinkers” within the LP.  He hopes that respect for each of their positions and logical conclusions is reflected in both articles on this subject.)

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