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Alaskan U.S. House Candidate Gregg Brelsford Switches from Republican to Independent

Alaska U.S. House candidate Gregg Brelsford is switching his affiliation from the GOP to Independent. He announced his party switch in an editorial published by the Anchorage Daily News.

Brelsford is a former Manager of the Bristol Bay Borough and also previously served as an Interim City Manager of Dillingham, Alaska. Among several reasons for his change, he mentions the “Republican Party’s growing effort to compromise election integrity and democracy across the country.”

“On the campaign trail, many people have told me that both the Republican and Democratic parties have gotten off track on concerns that matter to Alaskans. I agree, and like many Alaskans, I no longer feel at home in either party,” wrote Brelsford. “I am still a principled, pragmatic, get-it-done, no-drama, conservative. But now I believe I can best represent the Last Frontier’s independent-spirited Alaskans in Congress as an independent.”

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the link.


  1. Julia Whatman Julia Whatman January 14, 2022

    He switching because of the many challengers he is facing.

  2. Traditionalist Traditionalist January 11, 2022

    Jared, where did I say he needs to be a card carrying member of the GOP? As I have told you repeatedly and you have missed or ignored, I don’t care what party label anyone runs under. George Wallace and Lester Maddox were good candidates regardless of whether they ran as Democrats or American Independents. Pat Buchanan was a good candidate regardless of whether he ran as Republican or Reform Party. Ron Paul and Bob Barr were good candidates whether they ran as Libertarians or Republicans. Virgil Goode was a good candidate as a Democrat, Independent, Republican, and as a Constitution Party candidate. If you had not seen, or forgot, that I said all that in past threads, that should have been obvious from the reference to Joe Miller, who was good both as a Republican and as a Libertarian Party candidate.

    “Republicans claim voter fraud is rampant and suppression is nonexistent because it serves their political interests. ”

    They happen to be correct.

    “Wake up to the reality of the situation.”

    I have, and hope you will too.

    “This is IPR by the way, in case you forgot where you were trolling, er, um, commenting.”

    I know exactly where I am. If you have evidence that I believe something other than what I have said here, please present it. If you are using some other definition of trolling, please explain what you mean.

  3. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman January 10, 2022

    He will lose.

    I agree that Joe Miller would be a better candidate.

  4. Jared Jared January 10, 2022

    Alaska deserves better than what? Being a conservative independent isn’t enough for you? He must be a card-carrying member of the GOP? I thought you claimed to be nonpartisan, Trad.

    Neither major party, establishment or populist wings, cares about election integrity. Democrats claim voter suppression is rampant and fraud is nonexistent because it serves their political interests. Republicans claim voter fraud is rampant and suppression is nonexistent because it serves their political interests. Both of them play election games with district maps and suppress third-party and independent candidates through absurdly unfair ballot access legislation and debate qualification requirements.

    Wake up to the reality of the situation. This is IPR by the way, in case you forgot where you were trolling, er, um, commenting.

  5. Traditionalist Traditionalist January 10, 2022

    He appears to have confused which major party is compromising election integrity, and which one is finally starting to stand up for it. Alaska deserves better. What’s Joe Miller doing these days?

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