Ralph Nader: Corporations Out of Control, Have Become ‘Electronic Child Molesters with Few Pursuing Sheriffs’

In a blistering new editorial, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader paints a bleak picture of the current state of the commonwealth.

Nader charges that corporations have become, in many cases, more powerful than the government and that they are routinely flaunting and manipulating laws for their own gain. Meanwhile, he notes, “civic groups are winning some skirmishes, while losing the battle and the war to the entrenched corporate state.”

In a 12-point checklist, Nader passionately lays out what he believes are “the takeovers of our government at all levels by the corporate supremacists for whom enough is never enough when it came to profits and power.”

“Corporate welfare is larger, more varied, and more automatic than ever,” charges Nader. “Subsidies, handouts, giveaways, and bailouts are now routinely enacted by little-challenged, government-guaranteed capitalism at the federal and state levels!”

“A spineless Congress fell to its knees before the military-industrial complex so much so that the bloated unaudited ‘defense’ budget zoomed over 50% of discretionary spending by the federal government,” Nader writes. “The military empire grew without congressional oversight.”

“In the Internet Age, corporations can be described as raising our children, getting their personal information for free, and selling this collected data to advertisers,” says Nader. “They are trapping these youngsters in the peonage of click-on contracts they never see through in their daily screen hours. Whether in reality or virtual reality, corporations have become electronic child molesters with few pursuing sheriffs.”

To read the full editorial, visit Nader.org >>>

3 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Corporations Out of Control, Have Become ‘Electronic Child Molesters with Few Pursuing Sheriffs’

  1. Traditionalist

    The communist, Ralph Nader, obviously never questions whether government has enough power, since it can never have enough for his vampiric tastes.

  2. Traditionalist

    No, it’s an accurate word for termites who seek to destroy our system of free enterprise, with Mr. Nader being perhaps the most successful example. Most communist termites prefer to do their work of attacking the foundations of our economy and culture surreptitiously. Although a few do work out in the open, the bulk of their damage is hidden from view. Speaking of which, Mr. Milnes, you have yet to explain what sort of leftist revolution you want. Why is leftism better than rightism, in your opinion? Why does it require a revolution? Are you planning to bring back the guillotines, gulags and killing fields?

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