Thomas Friedman: America Needs a Mixed-Party National Unity Ticket to Save Democracy

New York Times opinion columnist Thomas L. Friedman is proposing some unusual tickets for the 2024 presidential election in his latest editorial. We’re talking unusual like Biden-Cheney, Harris-Romney, or Klobuchar-Cheney.

Friedman makes the case that after years of political turmoil, Israel’s recent elections have produced a model that America might want to follow: “Key Israeli politicians swallowed their pride, softened policy edges and came together for a four-year national unity government — led by rightist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and left-of-center Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid. (They are to switch places after two years.) And for the first time, an Israeli Arab party, the Islamist organization Raam played a vital role in cementing an Israeli coalition.”

“It’s the most diverse national unity government in Israel’s history, one that stretches from Jewish settlers on the right all the way to an Israeli-Arab Islamist party and super-liberals on the left,” notes Friedman. “Most important, it’s holding together, getting stuff done and muting the hyperpolarization that was making Israel ungovernable.”

Could such a power-sharing arrangement work in the United States? It would be hard to imagine, as our fundamental system of republican government is structed very differently from Israel’s multi-party parliamentary democracy.

Historically, Republican Abraham Lincoln’s selection of Democrat Andrew Johnson as running mate for National Union Party ticket in 1864 didn’t turn out so well.

But it is worth noting that the prospect of a fusion presidential ticket has been floated in the recent past. In fact, it came close to happening in 2008 when GOP nominee John McCain seriously considered picking Independent-Democrat Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

The math just doesn’t make sense for a something like Biden-Romney ticket, or whatever the pairing. The progressive wing of the Democratic party would never go for such an arrangement, and any attempt to engineer a mixed-ticket would likely cost as many votes on the left (to write-ins and the Greens) as it gained from the center.

30 thoughts on “Thomas Friedman: America Needs a Mixed-Party National Unity Ticket to Save Democracy

  1. Robert Milnes

    Wow! This is a bad idea. VERY bad. Diabolically ingenious. Friedman, as a “liberal Zionist’ is a menace to the peace of the world. It is of THAT magnitude.
    We see that Israel had to do something about Netanyahu. It came up with this unity government scheme. Now it seeks to foist it on the USA.
    The bottom line is the centrist status quo. Zionist Israel is preserved along with its so powerful influence via the religious centrists that it is in virtual control of it. And by controlling the USA it virtually controls, read enslaves, the world.
    Evil innationate.

  2. Traditionalist

    I agree with Mr. Milnes that having these kinds of people in charge of anything is a very bad idea. I also agree with Mr. Cassidy that it’s highly unlikely that such a ticket would make it through the Democrat primaries, or not draw a major challenge from the far left if it somehow did. The one silver lining I can see is that a Romney or Cheney on a Democrat led “unity ticket” would make what will already be a historically massive landslide returning President Trump to the office that was stolen through him through massive vote fraud even bigger. But, it’s highly unlikely; in all likelihood Mr. Friedman is simply engaging in wishful thinking, not at all grounded in reality.

  3. Robert Milnes

    I believe Friedman is serious as a heart attack.
    The possibilities for catastrophe for 2024 are huge and numerous.
    Trump is correct when he says the election was rigged. But not the way he said.
    It was rigged by Duverger’s Law, as it always has been.

  4. NewFederalist

    Traditionalist… do you really believe Donald Trump will be elected in 2024? And if so, why?

  5. Traditionalist

    New Federalist,

    Yes, of course I believe it. There’s little doubt that President Trump is running. Likewise, there’s no serious doubt that the Republican nomination is his for the taking. He is by far the most popular potential candidate in the GOP. Anyone who would run against him is not going to stand a chance.

    That leaves the question of whether he will beat the Democrats. I don’t see that as much of a serious question, either. The Democrats are extremely unpopular with their ridiculous, failed policies and their increasingly bizarre “woke” antics. Inflation is at its worst since the 1970s, and only getting worse. Law and order has spiraled out of control to an extent that threatens to put the 1960s to shame. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was botched in a way that was an embarrassment in front of the whole world. Saber rattling against Russia while kowtowing to China threatens to lead to much worse.

    There’s a dearth of goods on the shelves, narcotics overdoses set new records each year, and more and more people are sick of the lockdown, “vaccine” and mask mandates, and the rest of the totalitarian nonsense. The Democrats have “solutions” like defunding the police, opening the borders, and letting boys pretending to be girls rape actual girls in school bathrooms. No wonder the popularity of the Democrats, led by a senile puppet with severe dementia and a cackling communist voodoo witch, is swirling the toilet drain.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are finally becoming serious about election integrity. Combined with this being a redistricting year, the historic tendency of the President’s party to lose seats in midterm elections, the narrow margins in both the House and Senate, and the deep and brewing anger throughout the country over the stolen election and the failed and crazy Democrat agenda, the November election is looking to be a historically massive Republican wave.

    With Republicans back in control of the House and Senate next year, the Biden-Harris Chinese puppet regime will be in deep trouble. There will be congressional hearings leading to impeachments. Unlike the failed and ridiculous impeachments against President Trump, the upcoming ones against the puppet and vice puppet will expose undeniable evidence of very serious and real crimes. These are highly likely to lead to resignations or convictions and removals of the puppet and vice puppet.

    It’s even very possible that this could lead to a restoration of President Trump to office before 2024. It is legal to elect a Speaker of the House who is not a representative. There’s a move to elect Trump as Speaker next year. That would put him in line for the Presidency if and when the two Chinese puppets are removed in disgrace. Even if that falls short, it will still put him on track to the most massive landslide victory in the modern era in 2024.

  6. Robert Milnes

    Algeria Prepares for War with Morocco, Panics Due to Israel-report. by Benjamin Weinthal, The Jerusalem Post.
    Bottom line-I am waiting for the US Military, in the interests of national security and world peace, to take over the US government.
    Reported, Benny Gantz signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Morocco in November. Yet Gantz hosts a meeting with Abbas in late December. I believe that incredibly, Gantz is on the anti Zionist Israel-peace with the Palestinians side.
    Sides are being drawn up-for and against Zionist Israel. The US military must choose sides. But the pro Zionist democrats and republicans will side with Israel.
    That is the situation IMO. How much is due to me and the Bowers case, I do not know. Evidently this has been a longtime split. The Trump Zionist stooge Abraham Accords exacerbated it. So did the Afghanistan Trump-Biden Zionist stooge withdrawal debacle.
    Also there is the rigged elections ongoing fiasco in America that keeps putting pro Zionist democrats and republicans in power.
    The US military knows I stand ready to help them install fair and representative elections in America via Top Six.

  7. Traditionalist

    General Flynn would make a great vp for President Trump’s second term and a fitting successor in his own right.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Please do not put words in my mouth.
    I am not going to stick my neck out like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, only to have the ZOG chop it off.
    I am just pointing out the facts on the ground, the imminent battle. I am hoping the US military runs out of patience soon with being duped into fighting Israel’s wars, on top of its own. The US v Russia/Ukraine for example. The war in Vietnam in my youth.
    Israel has little stake in Ukraine or Vietnam.
    My hope is to be consulted if the military, having taken over the mess, decides to try to install for real-not fake-elections in the USA for a change.
    But if they just steal my concepts, that would be ok too.

  9. Robert Milnes

    I believe and propose that IPR should take a stand against the democrat/republican duopoly AND the resultant apartheid Zionist state of Israel.
    AND support any/all efforts to remove same such as Top Six and BDS. Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel.

  10. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes,

    What is your objection to South African Apartheid? Looking at the horrible decline of South Africa since it has been done away with, shouldn’t we instead wish for that wise and salubrious policy to be reemposed?

  11. Traditionalist


    Is everything a joke with you?

    Note the cited articles and outside references. Feel free to do your own research, but the facts about White Genocide in South Africa and all the other things I reference in the other thread about crime, AIDS, corruption, and social and economic problems there since the unfortunate end of apartheid are well documented. None of it is funny, and you claiming without evidence that the facts are a joke doesn’t make it so. If you have actual evidence or facts, please post them.

    Perhaps it is you who is trying to be a comedian. If so, I don’t think you are doing a very good job, either. As far as genocide goes, you are the one who is denying an actual ongoing genocide in this discussion.

  12. Andy

    I posted this here a long time ago, and now I am posting it again just in case anyone here now missed it, and that is a link to the excellent documentary by the courageous Canadian journalist, Lauren Southern, about South Africa, called “Farmlands”. This is a MUST SEE.

    I am posting the video link to it on the platform, just in case it gets taken down from YouTube. It has been on YouTube since 2018, but with the way that YouTube has become more censorship happy, it may get taken down at some point.

    Anyway, everyone reading this needs to watch this.

    Lauren Southern: Farmlands

  13. Robert Milnes

    How about a little more tease about why I or anyone else should click your link?
    South Africa Farmland Courageous Canadian Journalist. So?
    MUST SEE what?

  14. Andy

    “Robert Milnes
    January 18, 2022 at 14:42
    How about a little more tease about why I or anyone else should click your link?
    South Africa Farmland Courageous Canadian Journalist. So?
    MUST SEE what?”

    Click and find out.

  15. Sammy H

    How is this for a teaser? A hot 22 year old girl who dropped out of college made a YouTube video about a made up white genocide for clout with her racist friends >>click here to learn more!<<

  16. Sammy H

    Traditionalist links to metapedia, the Wikipedia for actual white supremacists and Nazis. the front page is covered with facts about how the Jews control the world and that black people are genetically more violent

    Get the hell out of here with that nonsense, you sad old man. Maybe God is punishing you by making you live to be 100 years old so you can see with your own eyes how little use future generations will have for your tired bullshit.

  17. Andy

    “Sammy H
    January 18, 2022 at 15:43
    How is this for a teaser? A hot 22 year old girl who dropped out of college made a YouTube video about a made up white genocide for clout with her racist friends >>click here to learn more!<<"

    LOL! I agree with the hot girl part, and yes, Lauren did stop wasting her time and money in college, but the rest of what you said is pure garbage.

    Over 70,000 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa.

  18. Andy

    “Nathan Norman
    January 18, 2022 at 16:00
    Wow. It seems obvious the H in ‘Sammy H’ stands for hate. I can’t recall anyone on here so hateful and full of hate.”

    Sammy H sounds like Paul.

  19. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, regardless of whether you would like to review Andy’s linked video, or the text links I’ve posted in this another threads, I’d like to see your justification for why you think South Africa is better off without apartheid, in light of everything that’s happened there ever since. You’ve used apartheid as a pejorative. Please explain whether or why YOU think South Africa is better off without it, referencing actual statistical comparison before and after, and not the platitudes that the left used to pressure South Africa to get rid of it.

  20. Traditionalist

    Sammy H,

    Please provide your evidence that the White genocide in South Africa is “made up.” If you would further like to argue that South Africa is better off now, please see my question for Mr.Milnes directly above. Thus far, you’ve criticized the sites that the articles I reference are hosted on, but you have not posted any evidence from any other source that the facts cited in those articles are substantially wrong. Can you do so?

    I posted the American Free Press article because of the facts in the article, not to defend every other article published there. You didn’t like that one, so I found the one on metapedia with links to numerous further sources documenting its claims. It was again not to defend every other article on metapedia. If you dispute any facts cited there, go to the sources they vote, and read those articles. Perhaps, come up with some other sources and statistics. Criticising the publishers doesn’t do anything to disprove the facts of the particular article’s. So far you’ve posted only flat assertions, not evidence of any sort.

  21. Traditionalist


    I’m quite happy to be in good condition at my age, and to have a large family where longevity is quite common. Many people in my family do indeed live past the century mark. I may or may not be one of them. I see many reasons to be optimistic about the revival of our civilization. Perhaps it is you who will live to see future generations discard your degenerate ways and make us great again. That would be a fitting reward for you and those like you.

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