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Forward Party Launches First State Affiliate

The Forward Party of Minnesota is the first official state-level affiliate of Andrew Yang’s new political creation.

It describes itself as “a political party for the logical, reasonable, solutions oriented voter in Minnesota. Our objective is to run candidates and win offices throughout the State of Minnesota while providing a beacon for good governance, policy reform, and political statesmanship.”

They’ve launched with a pretty basic website and a quick video from Yang himself…

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Austin Cassidy


  1. Fat Yung Ho Fat Yung Ho February 10, 2022

    Chinese Communist Party is getting bigger
    And I’m sure glad I’m not an Uyghur

  2. NewFederalist NewFederalist February 11, 2022

    Hmmm… this is an identical post to one that appeared over at BAN. Slightly different mock Chinese name, however. Is there a point?

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