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News & Notes: McAfee Remains on Ice in Spain, Illinois Libertarians Nominate Guy With Same Name

MCAFEE LINGERS IN SPANISH MORGUE: The body of flamboyantly controversial tech entrepreneur John McAfee, who unsuccessfully sought the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020, remains in a Spanish morgue seven months after his suicide.

McAfee was in Spanish custody, awaiting extradition to the United States to face numerous fraud and money laundering charges related to a cryptocurrency “pump-and-dump” scam that he had fronted. His death was initially ruled a suicide, but final arrangements have been delayed, in part, by a legal battle involving his last wife and one of his daughters over custody of the body.

THE NAME YOU KNOW: Yes, it sounds a bit like the plot to the 1992 Eddie Murphy film The Distinguished Gentleman. Jesse White, the Libertarian nominee for Illinois Secretary of State, hopes to replace outgoing six-term Secretary of State Jesse White. The same-name gambit is causing some mild confusion, but the Illinois LP says that was not their intention.

“Total coincidence,” said Steve Suess to the State Journal-Register, the chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

“When people see that we’re running a candidate named Jesse White, we’re gonna get accusations that we’re trying to defraud voters,” said Suess. “But Jesse is a serious candidate.”

NEVADA RCV PODCAST: The Nevada Independent invited Andrew Yang to talk about ranked-choice voting, open primaries, the Forward Party and more on the latest episode of their podcast Indymatters.

NOT EASY BEING GREEN: This recent article in Harvard Political Review summarized the rise of Green and environmentalist parties around the world over the past several decades.

YANG GIVES 1%: One for Democracy announced that former presidential candidate and Forward Party founder Andrew Yang has taken the “One for Democracy Pledge” – pledging 1% of his net worth to “protect and strengthen American democracy.” Yang joins a roster of 123 high-profile philanthropists, business leaders, and foundations like Michael Novogratz, Craig Newmark, and the Quadrivium Foundation who have pledged to commit at least 1% of their assets to “democracy efforts” through 2024.

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  1. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly February 3, 2022

    Meh on the international Greens link. To the degree German Greens are more than a single-issue party, they’re kind of like US left-neoliberals. In Canada, the BC Greens coalitioned in provincial government with the Conservatives. A fair chunk of US Greens have a strong libertarian streak. The story notes that Greens, indeed, in parliamentary systems, have been ready to coalition with “whoever.” That’s not necessarily a feature instead of a bug.

  2. Sammy H Sammy H February 4, 2022

    Andrew Yang’s net worth isn’t very high, despite what a lot of the media thinks he’s not a tech billionaire

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