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Former Socialist Presidential Nominee Brian Moore Running for Governor of Florida as a Green Party Candidate

Brian Moore has announced that he is seeking the Green Party’s nomination for governor of Florida in 2022. Moore, who received 6,582 votes as the Socialist Party’s presidential nominee in 2008, will need to raise $8,050.86 to qualify for a spot on the ballot.

Somewhat curiously, his campaign manager is Joe Wendt, a registered Republican who has previously been involved with the Reform Party and Libertarian Party. Moore’s choice for Lt. Governor is Green Party activist Jennifer Sullivan.

Their campaign platform can be found here.

The following is Brian Moore’s campaign announcement, as provided to IPR:

We are in troubling times. We have a governor who bullies children, bullies politicians, and bullies the people of this state. We really don’t have a governor; we have a glorified frat boy, who is drunk on power.

We need a principled alternative. We need someone who defends the people of Florida from this kind of leadership, and to fight for every Floridian.  Furthermore, we need to bring together our disparate population.

So, I have decided to run for Governor of the State of Florida, as a Green Party candidate.

I have worked all my life helping people, and I hope to continue to do so as your Governor, the people’s Governor.

We need a different kind of Governor; an individual who will respect the people, a strong person who will fight for regular people, a leader who will say the unpleasant truths. I have decided to be that individual and give the people of Florida a better choice.

As a candidate for Governor, my biggest goal is to advocate radical change in Florida, by ending the income disparity in our state. To be blunt, I want to “cancel the rich.”  I want to institute a real redistribution of wealth in our state.

For far too long, the establishment has profited from the laws and privileges that favor the rich. Now it is time to change that and provide reparations to all working people.

I hope I can win the minds, hearts and votes of Floridians, and bring real change and much-needed unity to Florida.

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  1. Sammy H Sammy H April 7, 2022

    Hard at work. Working to relect Ron DeSantis I see

  2. Florida Man Florida Man April 26, 2022

    SammyH is wrong, the Democrats are doing that themselves.

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