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LP Delegates Begin Receiving Pre-Convention Mailers

In a recent IPR article, the validity of the upcoming Libertarian Party National Convention was questioned, in part, because of apparent delays and unique processes for sharing, prior to the convention, 2022 LP convention delegate contact information with potential LNC candidates, various caucuses, and others.  (NOTE: LP Bylaws allow only the sharing of delegate names and postal addresses; phone numbers, emails, social media, etc. are not permitted, if collected and available, to be shared with those desiring to contact delegates.)

That article states, in part:

“Whether this failure was purposeful . . . or just an inability to compile the list in a timely manner, it has the effect of preventing party members from effectively communicating with the delegates . . . Ms. Hogarth . . . . added her own restrictions. . . . There is no basis in the Bylaws . . . ”


Over the past few days IPR has received the following mailers, which were apparently sent to names and addresses from the national LP delegate list.

The mailers were scanned and are reproduced here as a public service to delegates, as well as those who paid for the mailings (verification of delivery), and for any other interested parties.

IPR readers who have received similar mailings from other sources are encouraged to post scans of same in comments below (or if unable to do so, by emailing a jpg to

So far the mailings received by IPR include:

Mike ter Maat – seeking the 2024 LP POTUS nomination

Albert Veldhuyzen – Pro-Life Libertarian Caucus re – elimination of platform plank 1.5

Angela McArdle for LNC chair & Todd Hagopian for treasurer




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Joseph Buchman

Joe is a retired, formerly tenured professor of marketing and finance with a passion for adventure travel, chasing total solar eclipses, and Burning Man. He is a long-time volunteer with the Sundance Film Festival, former Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party, former Chair of the LP Platform Committee, and former Chair and three-term member of the LP's financial Audit Committee. Joe and Cindy have raised four highly successful children, several cats, and yet have generally failed miserably with every houseplant ever gifted to them.

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  1. Shawn Levasseur Shawn Levasseur May 17, 2022

    I appreciate this and future mailinigs being posted.

    As I will be leaving home early, many of these mailings will arrive in my mail after I’ve departed.

    Thank You.

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