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Thomas Knapp: The Remedy to be Applied in Neil Young v. Joe Rogan

“They can have Neil Young or [Joe] Rogan. Not Both.” Thus the ultimatum from legendary musician Young, over his concerns with what he deems  “misinformation” on the subject of COVID-19 vaccines, to streaming service Spotify.

Spotify, unsurprisingly, chose Rogan. It invested an estimated $100 million in bringing the Joe Rogan Experience podcast exclusively to its platform, and that investment is likely paying off in a big way.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

From American Third Party Report:

Today, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Rogan’s podcast is popular; his YouTube channel has over 606,000 subscribers and over 131 million total video views. His interview with Johnson lasted two and half hours.… Read more ...