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Posts tagged as “Party for Socialism and Liberation”

Support for Third Party and Independent Presidential Candidates in 2020 Mapped by County

Who’s ready for some more maps?! Our last post about @Mill226’s election maps was popular enough that I reached out to him about creating some more maps of third party and independent candidates for us to take a look at other election cycles.… Read more ...

WATCH HERE: Free & Equal Election’s Open 2020 Presidential Debate (October 24)

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate yesterday in Cheyenne, Wyoming featuring third party and independent presidential candidates.  Video of the debate from the YouTube broadcast is embedded below.

The debate begins around the 9:17:00 mark:

Participants included:

Blankenship confirmed for the event but ultimately decided not to participate.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Elections: Information about Today’s Debate

Free & Equal Elections Foundation sent out the following presser yesterday advertising the debate taking place later today and how you can watch it.  Like the last debate, Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen will not participate.

This Saturday, October 24th at 6pm MT, Free & Equal presents our 3rd Open Presidential Debate of 2020.… Read more ...