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Support for Third Party and Independent Presidential Candidates in 2020 Mapped by County

Who’s ready for some more maps?! Our last post about @Mill226’s election maps was popular enough that I reached out to him about creating some more maps of third party and independent candidates for us to take a look at other election cycles.

He’s working on a whole series, and first up is a map which reflect which candidates placed third by county in the 2020 presidential election. As you can see, Jo Jorgensen pretty much dominates this one…

So just for fun, what would the map look like without the Libertarian ticket? As you can see, things get a lot more interesting with Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins covering a lot of territory.

Jorgensen was the only third party candidate on the ballot in a number of other states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Montana and Indiana. The runners-up in those states are propelled by write-in votes.

One further note is that the above map credits Constitution Party candidate Don Blankenship with “wins” in all of Nevada, as he was the only other living candidate on the ballot besides the Rep-Dem-Lib options. However, Nevada also allows voters to choose “None of the Above” and that option strongly outpolled Blankenship across the state and, it appears, in every county.

Just a reminder, there were quite a few candidates in 2020…

(Above – 2020 Results – Credit: U.S. Election Atlas)

If you haven’t done so, we strongly recommend following @Mill226 on Twitter for more maps, and we’ll continue to share his work on IPR from time to time.

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  1. Ed Johnson Ed Johnson January 5, 2022

    Not exactly. He was the vp candidate on the other ticket, which had CL Gammon as the presidential candidate.

  2. Patrick Harris Patrick Harris January 5, 2022

    Phil Collins also had the benefit (?) of appearing on the ballot twice in Arkansas due to an issue in the way the Prohibition Party petitioned to get on the ballot and their need to replace a VP candidate.

  3. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | December 30, 2021

    As to the question of wet vs dry counties, I looked up a few of them and I don’t think there’s any strong or obvious link. More likely the Prohibition candidate got favorable ballot-order listing. And the candidate’s name is Phil Collins.

    Edit: …and I’m pretty sure he appeared as an “Independent” in Arkansas, anyway. The Prohibition label was used in other states.

  4. Tony From Long Island Tony From Long Island December 29, 2021

    This map would be more interesting if it didn’t include Perot.

  5. Sammy H Sammy H December 29, 2021

    Are the prohibition counties dry ones too? Sounds like a fun place maybe everyone just smokes meth instead

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