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More photos from the LP Convention

G.E. had the chance to snap a few photos today and he passed them along to me to share with the readers of IPR. It’s nice to get a look at one of the other candidates, besides Bob Barr.

We start with Paulie Cannoli with Presidential candidate Mary Ruwart

Looks like Paulie got his press pass after all…

The professional wrestler Kane, a Lifetime member of the Libertarian Party…

Here is Mary Ruwart with Anthony Gregory of

And no convention would be complete without Starchild. Who appears to be dressed like a pirate…

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  1. RedPhillips RedPhillips May 24, 2008

    What on earth makes you think I was picking on her?

  2. trinman trinman May 24, 2008

    Don’t pick on Heather! She’s a babe, without question, also a county commissioner (re-elected) and known as a libertarian throughout. And one of the women who should be reckoned with the nest time around when they look for another soldier to throw herself on the advancing spears. (Tho I pray she knows better.)

    Also, it is nice to see Starchild out of his butterfly costume … meanwhile, trappings aside, he is one of the strongest and most effective activists we got (and very good at it in SF)

    As for Anthony, only met him once, but he may have some NA in his lines … hell even I do!

  3. RedPhillips RedPhillips May 24, 2008

    BTW, someone get some pictures of the woman who was described as “busty” in one of the threads below. 😉

  4. RedPhillips RedPhillips May 23, 2008

    Is Anthony Gregory Native American?

    What on earth is the story with Starchild?

  5. G.E. G.E. May 23, 2008

    The guy with Kane is Andy.

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