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Florida counting thousands of write-in votes for a pair of drunken clowns

A pair of cantankerous old drunks who spend a large amount of their time sitting around a bar in Tarpon Springs, Florida, are being credited with thousands of votes for President. Despite not appearing on the ballot in Florida, John “Gary” Nettles and his running mate, William Bradford “Brad” Krones, have apparently beaten Alan Keyes, Green candidate Cynthia McKinney, and candidates from the Boston Tea Party, Objectivist, Prohibition, Socialist, and other parties.… Read more ...

Selected strong showings at the county level

These are a few of the better county-level showings from third party Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidates around the nation…

Rebekah Kennedy – Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Arkansas
Marion County – 2,083 votes (32.88%)

Dean Barkley – Independence candidate for U.S. Senate in Minnesota
Sibley County – 1,976 votes (25.63%)

Jesse Johnson – Mountain Party candidate for Governor of WV
Monongalia County – 3,600 votes (11.3%)

Gregory Thompson – Constitution Party candidate for Governor of Missouri
Saline County – 942 votes (9.65%)

Dave Brownlow – Constitution Party candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

Membership in the ‘4% club’ shrinks only slightly from 2006 results

The following is a list of third party candidates who polled more than 4% of the vote in a U.S. Senate or Gubernatorial race during the 2008 elections.

Why did I pick 4%? Well, it’s kind of a random number, but it’s my theory that if a candidate gets more than 4% of the vote in a multi-candidate race with a Republican and a Democrat, then that campaign has achieved something significant.… Read more ...

The Reform Party is officially dead

Ross Perot’s 1996 showing of 8,085,402 was the party’s first and most significant entry into Presidential politics.

Then in 2000, the party nominated Pat Buchanan and still captured a respectable (by third party standards) total of 449,225 votes.

In 2004, what remained of the party endorsed Ralph Nader’s campaign which won 463,655… but only a fraction of that came on Reform Party ballot-lines.… Read more ...

Predictions: Barr tops half-million, Nader posts his second best showing

I’m heading to sleep shortly, but I’ve been crunching some numbers for the last 20 minutes and it looks extremely likely that Barr will top the 500,000 vote mark so long as nothing changes significantly in the way he’s performing.

Ralph Nader also has reason to celebrate, sort of. His 1996 showing of 685,000 votes appears well within reach.… Read more ...

Projected order of finish in the Presidential race

At this point, enough votes are in to project (wth a pretty high level of certainty) that the order of finish in the Presidential election will be as follows…

1 – Barack Obama
2 – John McCain
3 – Ralph Nader (ind)
4 – Bob Barr (lib)
5 – Cynthia McKinney (grn)
6 – Chuck Baldwin (con)
7 – Alan Keyes (aip)

Those are the seven candidates who have or appear likely to surpass 100,000 votes each.… Read more ...

Barkley holding at 16% in Minnesota

Former U.S. Senate Dean Barkley is holding at about 16% in his race against Norm Coleman and Al Franken. As the candidate of the Minnesota Independence Party, Barkley’s showing will ensure that Minnesota remains a three party state for at least the next several years.

It looks like Norm Coleman is inching ahead of Franken at this moment.… Read more ...

Barr surpasses Badnarik and Browne totals…

Former Congressman and Libertarian Presidential nominee Bob Barr has surpassed the last two Libertarian tickets in terms of national vote total. With just about 72% of the national vote counted, the media is reporting that Barr has now polled just under 400,000 votes.

Here is where Barr places, so far, in the context of some of the more recent and successful Libertarian Presidential nominees…

Ed Clark (1980) – 920,000
Harry Browne (1996) – 485,000
Ron Paul (1988) – 431,000
Bob Barr (2008) – 400,000
Michael Badnarik (2004) – 397,000
Harry Browne (2000) – 384,000
Andre Marrou (1992) – 290,000

Odds are extremely high that Barr will surpass Ron Paul and Harry Browne’s 1996 totals.… Read more ...

Keyes might outpoll Baldwin nationally

Despite winning a late endorsement from Ron Paul, Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin has not done particularly well tonight.

With 7% of the vote reporting in California, Alan Keyes on the American Independent Party ballot line has already captured over 10,000 votes. If those numbers hold up, Keyes might win well over 100,000 votes just in California.… Read more ...

Bob Barr should debate Nader, Baldwin, and McKinney or he should be ignored

The Libertarians have complained and complained that their candidate hasn’t been allowed into the debates with Senators McCain and Obama. But apparently, Bob Barr agrees that he should have been excluded. After all, according to the New York Times, Barr is refusing to join the scheduled “third party” debate unless it is limited to himself and Mr.… Read more ...