Pollster: Ruwart will win LP nomination

From LewRockwell.com:

Libertarian pollster Rolf Lindgren predicts the results of the LP nominating convention:

1. Mary Ruwart
2. Bob Barr
3. Wayne Allyn Root
4. Steve Kubby
5. George Phillies
6. Michael Jingozian
7. Mike Gravel
8. Daniel Imperato
9. Christine Smith
10. Jim Burns
11. Barry Hess
12. Robert Milnes
13. Alden Link
14. John Finan

7 thoughts on “Pollster: Ruwart will win LP nomination

  1. Austin Cassidy

    I find it very hard to imagine that Daniel Imperato has more than 1 or 2 delegates supporting him. How could he be 8th of 14 candidates?

  2. G.E. Post author

    Tonight I was talking to a Mary supporter. He asked me who she wanted as VP. I said. He said he thought Imperato would make a great VP. I smiled and went along with it. The guy kept going, though… and at some point, I (and Scotty Boman from MI) both realized HE WAS SERIOUS.

    Imperato was absolutely classic in tonight’s debate. I’m going to write a post about it. But point being: I bet he has a FEW delegates… Then again, even this guy supported Mary #1.

  3. Steve Perkins

    Is this an actual “poll” (like the rumored “Tucker Carlson poll” that I likewise haven’t met a single delegate who actually participated in)… or just a person who happens to be a pollster, making his personal predictions?

  4. Steven R Linnabary

    Just a hunch, but I predict a *far* better result for Gravel.

    He seems to have a fairly strong contingent at the convention, and has done surprisingly well in straw polls.

    I can easily see him trading positions with Root in the above poll.


  5. millerpolitics

    I also see Imperato as not getting enough support to place 8th, at the Constitution Party convention it sounded like he was through with the Libertarian Party, saying some thing along the line of being told he was not a Libertarian. He also calls himself a Independent candidate.

    I also think Milnes will land dead last seeing as he couldn’t even make to the convention.

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