Augustson open to Green Party VP nomination

Media release from Augustson for Congress:

Green Party Congressional Candidate Alan Augustson (IL, CD-05) would consider an offer to run as the party’s Vice Presidential nominee, according to a media release distributed by the Augustson campaign.

In an online reply to the article “The Green Vice President: Indulgent Speculation” published by Green Party Watch, Augustson went on record as saying he was “open” to serving on the Green ticket, and that he believed he “would bring a lot to the campaign.

“However,” he continued, “I can tell you that neither (probable Green Presidential nominee Cynthia) McKinney nor any other GP Presidential candidate has approached me.”

Augustson had previously run as a Green Party Presidential candidate, receiving broad-spectrum third-party and independent support online but little acknowledgment from the Green Party itself. He ran on a platform that called for a total withdrawal from Iraq and the cancellation of all government contracts there, a stoppage of all government subsidies to major energy and agriculture conglomerates, and the reinvestment of the resulting savings in sustainable energy, mass transit and universal healthcare.

In the late summer of 2007, Augustson suspended his presidential campaign, citing a lack of support for a credible run, and focused instead on Rahm Emanuel’s (D-IL) Congressional seat. In so doing, Augustson became one of a record fifteen Green Federal and nineteen State candidates from Illinois.

This wave of political activity — what Augustson called the “Green Storm” — was crucial in the GP’s choice of Chicago as the venue for its 2008 National Convention in July.

Alan Augustson, 44, is an economist, statistician and management consultant living in Chicago. He announced his candidacy for Congress in June of 2007.

5 thoughts on “Augustson open to Green Party VP nomination

  1. Mike Theodore

    I agree with Ross. He seems like a very credible candidate for congress. It would be better to run for congress, then be on the ticket then to be on the ticket, then run for congress.

  2. Zeleni

    I agree. Augustson’s already made moves towards a strong congressional race. His opponent is Rahm Emmanuel, who’s a warmongering DLCer. Stay in the race and give him hell!

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