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BTP voting hacked by (not so) Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Posted by ElfNinosMom at Last Free Voice

As previously noted, the Boston Tea Party’s online nomination convention was interrupted by someone who made multiple accounts on the same IP, and fraudulently voted.

Thanks to LFV’s own Vortex of Freedom, the “whodunit” has been solved. It turned out to be an attempt to alter the results of the convention by some folks in a forum at a site called More specifically, it was done by a self-described “libertarian socialist” who goes by the name “Rice Beckons“, who is listed on that site as a Democrat and wants to one day run for local office.

The rest of ENM’s post includes opinion and pictures, so rather than reproduce the whole thing here,
I’ll just direct you to the source.

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  1. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore June 18, 2008

    Sounds too straight for me, Nexus. I’ll think of something.

    But adhering to Libertarian principles, I can’t harm her person or property.

    Does she have a cat?

  2. Jerry S. Jerry S. June 18, 2008

    How dare she vilify Mr. Milnes and Mr. Roosevelt, the GALL of some people. Due to this unfortunate turn of events, the cheating has caused the Milnes/Roosevelt Alliance to lose the MUCH deserved nomination. Now, SADLY Mr. Milnes is forced to live in a van down by the river! Panning for gold no less…

  3. Nexus Nexus June 18, 2008

    What are you going to do Mike? Turn her over your knee?

  4. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore June 17, 2008

    My god, see those things she wrote about Milnes. That’s it, where does she live? I have to defend Robert’s honor!

  5. MattSwartz MattSwartz June 17, 2008

    That’s pretty vile behavior. I hope awful things happen to that smug little twit.

  6. Nexus Nexus June 17, 2008

    I thought it was Milnes trying to stack the deck.

  7. Fred Church Ortiz Fred Church Ortiz June 17, 2008

    “Libertarian Socialist” was also a label used by white nationalist Bill White when he ran for office in Maryland a few years back. See the connection?

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