Charles Jay on third party presidential field

Charles Jay, noted here today as a contender for the Boston Tea Party‘s presidential nomination, wrote an article on May 30th for assessing his potential opponents. Jay’s article is very inclusive of which candidates he discusses, as opposed to more typical articles which discuss only the “major” third party candidates.

As BetUS is a gaming website, snippets concerning the candidates discussed in this earlier IPR article might be of interest.

On Bob Barr:

The former Georgia congressman, who has been a drug warrior and advocate of the Patriot Act, would seem the type of candidate Libertarians would run from. But he brought a number of seasoned political operatives, including Russ Verney and Richard Viguerie, to the convention and simply overwhelmed the party’s delegates.

On Wayne Root:

Barr’s running mate, who was unsuccessful in securing the presidential nomination but threw his support to Barr as part of a deal, is an infomercial telemarketer who fashions himself an “oddsmaker” despite having made odds for no one I am aware of. Rather, he is commonly referred to in the sports betting world as a “scamdicapper.” According to one LP delegate who is running for the U.S. Congress, “Unfortunately a considerable percentage of Libertarians seem to be falling for (his) latest, greatest scam: His presidential campaign.”

I like what one betting columnist suggested as a campaign slogan: “Free Minds, Free Markets, and a Free 10-Star Play for Anybody Who Calls My Pick Line in the Next 10 Minutes!”

The odd thing is that if the Libertarians got just one morsel of what they are hoping for out of their presidential ticket, he would make the party look ridiculous. They may not have done any vetting of their candidates, but the opposotion will. The second the Republicans sensed Barr could take any votes from them, they’d just have to do some research on his running mate and that would pretty much be the end of it. And the Libertarian Party.

On Chuck Baldwin:

Chuck Baldwin will be running as the candidate of the Constitution Party. This is an extreme right-wing party, which combines both fiscal and moral conservatism. A lot of disaffected Republicans are finding a home there, and they should have access on at least thirty ballots. They should beat the Libertarians in several states.

Jay rounds it all off with some discussion of his own 2004 campaign, and his plans for this year:

I ran under the Personal Choice Party ticket in 2004, and before the “Ron Paul revolution” got started, I actually defeated him for the nomination in ’04 (he was on the ballot, but didn’t show at the convention). My running mate was adult film legend Marilyn Chambers. This time around I’ll likely be on a couple of ballots, and although Marilyn has been standing in as the running mate, the second half of the ticket is not completely resolved (anybody interested?). One thing I can say with conviction, though:

I certainly don’t mind if you vote for me. But I wouldn’t recommend you BET on me.

Yes, we’re all 500/1. But democracy lives on.

8 thoughts on “Charles Jay on third party presidential field

  1. richardwinger

    The vote for president in Utah in November 2004 included 3,375 votes for Michael Badnarik, and 946 for Charles Jay.

    The only people who were on the ballot in any state for president in November 2004, who got fewer votes in the nation than Charles Jay, were independent candidate Stanford Andress, and Earl Dodge.

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  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    The claim to fame of MOST presidential politics is that they’ve spent many years screwing all of us (in Congress, or as governors, etc.).

    While Marilyn Chambers may not have as broad a claim with respect to how many people she’s screwed, at least she can DOCUMENT that claim.

  4. hardymacia

    Comment about Barr is misleading. He wasn’t a proponent of the Patriot Act, he worked to reduce it’s threat to our civil liberties… read more about it…

    He voted for it so he could get on the House/Senate committee to further protect our civil liberties.

    Also read the Liberty article from 2002 about Barr that is that link. Second best congressman in House after Ron Paul on libertarian issues … his former stance on the drug issue being the big exception, but he’s repented and is on the side of freedom on that issue now too.

  5. G.E.

    Hmm…. Writing DOMA, voting for the Patriot Act, voting for unconstitutional wars, voting against free trade, and leading the Drug War makes his record “second best”? I know the competition isn’t very strong, but I’m sure there has to be someone whose record could stand up to Barr’s. Overall, I think many Democrats who voted against the wars, against the Patriot Act, and against DOMA, are more libertarian.

  6. G.E.

    more libertarian than Barr’s congressional record… Not necessarily (and almost certainly not) more libertarian than he is now.

  7. planetaryjim

    The great thing about film star Marilyn Chambers is, she provides a valuable service that the market respects. Yes, as Tom Knapp points out, it involves screwing. On the other hand, you could get screwed by a politician in any number of less satisfying ways. The market has certainly spoken in favor of Marilyn’s work.

    With regard to Bob Barr, I think it is laughable that anyone claim he voted for the USAPATRIOT act to oppose it. His own statements on the Colbert Report suggest he feels he was improperly informed by the Bush Administration about its provisions and difficulties – certainly a good case can be made for requiring that every Congresscritter read every law in full before voting on it.

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