Rumor: Charles Jay, Tom Knapp to head Boston Tea Party ticket

An anonymous source says that Charles Jay — former candidate of the Utah-based Personal Choice Party — is seeking the Boston Tea Party‘s presidential nomination, and is likely to get it. The same source says that BTP-founder Thomas Knapp has been approached to run for vice president, and Knapp — who’s also running for Congress as a Libertarian — is giving it consideration.

Update: The Boston Tea Party Web site confirms Charles Jay’s interest in the party.

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Charles Jay, Tom Knapp to head Boston Tea Party ticket

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  2. planetaryjim

    The Boston Tea Party is holding our nominating convention online on 15 June. You can get the straight skinny without the rumors on this page:

    Charles Jay and Robert Milnes are candidates for our presidential nomination.

    Chris Bennett, Tom Knapp, and Todd Andrew Barnett are candidates for our vice presidential nomination.

    Nominations for both offices are open through 10 June.

    As chair, I am taking no sides and seeking to show no preference among these candidates. I would like the members of the national committee, now and in the future, to follow my lead in this matter. I believe the choices for president and vice president are going to be made by the members of the party in accordance with the bylaws of the party.

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