Evans-Novak wonders about Barr impact

The Evans-Novak Political Report considers the possible impact of Libertarian Bob Barr’s presidential candidacy on GOP nominee John McCain, saying that Rep. Ron Paul “has made it clear he will not endorse McCain. Paul’s loud and enthusiastic following is small, but if they stay at home or vote third-party in tight states, they could help” Barack Obama.

ENPR continues, “The key question on the libertarian side of the ledger will be the strength” of Barr, who “lacks the rock-star quality of Paul, and his mixed record on foreign policy, domestic security, and gay marriage will turn off some of the libertarian purists. Will he appeal to disaffected small-government conservatives? Barr sees his strongest region being the Mountain West, where Nevada and Colorado sit on the edge of the McCain-Obama battle. Barr could tip those states in Obama’s direction if he gets just 2 percent.”

ENPR says the “fear of Barr swinging his home state Georgia to the Obama column is overblown. Bush won 58% in Georgia in 2004, and a higher black turnout in 2008 would be partially offset by the white Democrats who vote Republican. Also, remember that Barr lost a GOP primary to end his congressional career, so he is hardly Georgia’s favorite son.”

3 thoughts on “Evans-Novak wonders about Barr impact

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  2. Jerry S.

    I wonder when exactly Evans delivers his part of the report to Novak? Must be similar to Milnes-Teddy! In fact Evans has much more in common with Teddy Roosevelt than he does Robert Novak…

    Third Party voters wouldn’t vote for McSame and B.O. anyway! It’s the same old “spoiler” garbage to discredit all third party efforts. Never mind that Ds and Rs have been “SPOILING” our entire lives!

    To HELL with the NWO. NAU, NeoCons, CFR, TLC, Bb, MIC and all the rest of the SOBs and their lackeys and the rags for whom they work. THERE! I feel better…

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