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Kubby celebrates an anniversary

I worked with Steve Kubby on his recent campaign for the LP Presidential and Vice Presidential nominations. Although we did not win, we came close to getting the VP nomination. In this letter to supporters, Steve talks about how far he has come and what he plans to do next. I know he has (or at least had) plans on seeking down-ticket political office in the future, although he does not discuss that here, and I haven’t talked to him about it lately.

Happy Anniversary!

It was exactly 2 1/2 years ago yesterday, that I headed back to the US, as a “felon” and “fugitive,” to “turn myself in,” determined to face the evil beast and defeat it once and for all.

Today, because you cared enough to help, I am a free man, with a clean record and an exciting new pharmaceutical venture. As I celebrate my victory, I am deeply grateful for all you have done to help.

I am also grateful to all those who urged me to seek the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. Going from a prisoner ID number to a FEC Presidential Candidate ID number went a long ways towards building back my self esteem.

However, the real reward was that it led to my discovery of a new kind of cannabis medicine that is incredibly effective. That’s because running for President forced me to do a lot of traveling and, in order to comply with state and federal laws, I had to rely upon a prescription for Marinol to keep enough THC in my system to protect me.

Unfortunately, pure THC is a sloppy, unpleasant and nausea inducing drug. So I started experimenting, on myself, to see if there wasn’t a better solution. I tried all the edibles and candies, but they just knocked me out and left me dragging. I needed something that would energize me, not turn me into a bag of cement.

After a lot of experimentation, I discovered an astonishing new way to transport cannabinoids across the cell walls of the mouth and directly to the brain. My own tests on myself have shown me that my method is far more effective than any other mode, except for smoking.

My new meds look like a regular lozenge, but they pack a potent wallop of cannabinoids, in a matrix that makes it far more bioactive. Depending on the concentration I use, my meds can get me high, or meter out the dosage over an extended period of time to give me the medical benefits, without the high. Naturally, I use only whole plant extracts from organically grown plants.

This year, the emerging market for cannabinoid medicines is estimated a $1 billion. There are only two companies in this market, Cannasat, worth about $12 million and GW Pharmaceuticals, worth over $100 million. Based upon research and consultations with world authorities, I believe my new medicine will easily out perform the products currently being produced or tested.

I have started the process of assembling a world class team to investigate and help me secure licensing for my discovery. As part of my recruitment effort, I spoke to some of the top cannabinoid scientists in the world who admitted, privately, that my method is totally superior to anything else being tested or contemplated.

Winning government approval for my new medicine won’t be easy, but I am assembling a talented team to accomplish just that. My new libertarian friends, some of whom are quite successful, are helping me and we are all very excited about providing a new, highly effective medicine to help sick, disabled and dying people.

So, happy anniversary, to each and every one of you who helped make this wonderful victory possible.

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