LP, Barr laud Heller decision in latest press releases

Immediately following this morning’s Supreme Court decision on the case of DC v. Heller, where the court ruled that the second amendment protects an individual right to own weapons for self-defense, the Libertarian Party issued a release in which spokesperson Andrew Davis praised the ruling as a “landmark victory for the preservation of liberty in the United States”:

“Firearms are a distinct component of the American national character,” says Davis. “The Libertarian Party is more than pleased to see that the Supreme Court recognizes this American tradition as an individual right, and seeks to protect it as such. Today’s decision is a giant step forward in protecting the rights of millions of American gun owners.”

The press release also touts the amicus curiae brief written on behalf of the party by Bob Barr, at the time a member of the Libertarian National Committee. That brief, which can be found here, highlights the flawed reasoning put forward by the District in attempting to apply the limits set by a ballot access case to the second amendment. The Libertarian Party was the only political party to submit its own brief in this case.

The LP release also jabs at Senators McCain and Obama on the issue of gun rights.

In keeping with the recent trend of tandem press releases issued by both the LP and the Barr campaign, Barr released his own statement this morning calling the ruling “one of the Supreme Court’s most important rulings on behalf of liberty”:

But the Court’s ruling, though welcome, is not enough. “It is important to have a president who also supports the right of Americans to own firearms,” says Barr. “Sen. Barack Obama says that he believes in such a constitutional right, but he supports the District of Columbia’s ban, which gives criminals an advantage over law-abiding citizens,” notes Barr.

Sen. McCain has not advocated an absolute prohibition, “but he cosponsored legislation which could require registration of attendees at gun shows and even ban such shows,” Barr warns. And Sen. McCain’s campaign legislation “curtailed the First Amendment right of gun owners to protect their rights by participating in election campaigns.”

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