Nebraska dumps fair play

Apparently the American Legion Boys State hosted a debate today between the Republican and Democratic nominees for US Senate from Nebraska, and kept Steve Larrick from participating in the debate.

The Journal Star reports that Larrick and close to a dozen supporters protested outside the debate.

If you want to hear two corporate politicians go at it in a debate, you can listen here.

4 thoughts on “Nebraska dumps fair play

  1. Mike Theodore

    Well, at least the Democrat and the Republican had the decency to keep the little sideshow going to entertain the masses and all. Bet it took a few minutes to prep and all. Painstaking work.

    That’s sarcasm. You guy’s throw a hissy fit every time I try it here.

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    Many schools here in Ohio boycott the Boys State and Girls State mock conventions because the American Legion has a rule prohibiting differently abled teens (such as the sightless) from participating.

    If the Greens or the candidate are considering legal action, I would suggest threatening the American Legion’s 501c3 status. By having this “debate” with only their approved candidates, they are de facto really endorsing them.


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