Ralph Nader takes on the NBA

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader saw the “injustice” of Game 6 of the 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Kings and the Lakers, and asked to speak with NBA Commissioner David Stern about it. Stern, a huge contributor to the Democratic Party, refused to speak with Nader. Now, allegations are coming out that the NBA manipulates the outcome of games in order to produced financially favorable results. Nader says “I told you so.”

Below is a post from Nader’s campaign blog:

From food safety (bad tomatoes), to cracking down on corporate crime (sub-prime meltdown), to the oil industry ($4 a gallon), to health insurance (42 percent of adult Americans now underinsured or uninsured), to the corporate control of the two major political parties (corporate contributions to the Democratic Party convention in Denver), to the war in Iraq, to the NBA playoffs.

The NBA playoffs?

Yes, even when it comes to the NBA playoffs, Ralph was right.

And he was right early.

Back in 2002, Ralph was sitting at home watching game six of the NBA playoff game between the big TV market Los Angeles Lakers and the small TV market Sacramento Kings.

The Kings were up three games to two.

One win and the Kings would move on.

Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers would be out.

In that crucial game six in Los Angeles, the referees called foul after foul against the Kings.

But when Kobe Bryant elbowed Mike Bibby, sending Bibby to the sideline bleeding, no foul was called.

It was that bad.

As the Washington Post’s Michael Wilbon put it at the time “I have never seen officiating in a game of consequence as bad as that in Game 6.”

The Lakers shot 40 free throws in that Game 6 – 27 in the fourth quarter – “won” the game 106-102, eliminated the Kings, and went on to beat the Nets for their third straight NBA Championship.

Ralph Nader saw injustice and on June 4, 2002, Ralph wrote to NBA Commissioner David Stern asking for an investigation.

Ralph personally spoke with Stern.

But Stern stiffed Ralph.

No action was taken.

Yesterday, former NBA referee Tom Donaghy, now convicted of conspiring with gamblers, was pointing fingers at his colleagues.

Donaghy’s lawyer, John Lauro, says NBA executives directed referees “to manipulate games” in order to “boost ticket sales and television ratings.”

According to Lauro, in the crucial 2002 Lakers/Kings game that Ralph complained to Stern about – “Tim learned from Referee A that Referees A and F wanted to extend the series to seven games. Tim knew Referees A and F to be ‘company men,’ always acting in the interest of the NBA, and that night, it was in the NBA’s interest to add another game to the series.”

We tell our kids that sports teaches lessons about life.

The lesson we learned from the 2002 NBA Playoffs – Ralph was right.

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7 thoughts on “Ralph Nader takes on the NBA

  1. G.E. Post author

    Unlike the baseball steroids scandal and Bellicheck’s cheating, both of which are internal issues, I feel that this matter is the proper jurisdiction of government. If the NBA itself is in on the fixing of games, then it is committing fraud.

  2. echelonmetal

    I thought Ralph was opposed to the “No Ballot Access” NBA. Is there anything in this world that Nader doesn’t want to “reform” through federal government action?
    Letting the Feds try to fix anything shows that he is more interested in protracting rather than solving problems.
    Gov’t War on Drugs saved us from ourselves.
    Gov’t War on Poverty made us all wealthy.
    Gov’t War on Terror saved us from bin Laden.
    Etc., etc., ad nauseum.
    If more government is the answer, it’s a stupid question.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz

    I don’t think I was the only one in L.A. that thought that game was fishy, but damned if any of us dared to say a word to each other about it. The Lakers are more a local religion than a sports franchise.

  4. G.E. Post author

    I’m fairly convinced the NBA is rigged.


    The ref they talk to here says Donaghy has zero credibility, but even he admits to “senior league officials” basically telling the refs who should win.

    This is going to make SpyGate look like nothing by the time it’s over with.

  5. Jerry S.

    Fraud is Fraud. Put’em all on the chaingang! Well the guilty ones that is…

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