BreakTheMatrix: Bob Barr ‘taking action to defend Constitution’

In a statement issued last night, Bob Barr encouraged his supporters to join Accountability Now PAC in the PAC’s efforts to remove from power the key enablers of the “tyrannical and lawless FISA compromise.”

BreakTheMatrix, which sponsors the PAC, hailed Barr’s supportive statements as “an action to defend our Constitution.”

3 thoughts on “BreakTheMatrix: Bob Barr ‘taking action to defend Constitution’

  1. G.E. Post author

    Where has this site ever “slandered” Barr in an article? I’d like you to find that and make the citation instead of making baseless accusations.

  2. Anti-Corporate

    (I think s/he was making a joke: acknowledging out that not all of your posts are anti-Barr.)

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