Jason Gatties seeks Boston Tea Party vice-chairmanship

Jason Gatties has announced that he will seek the office of vice-chairman of the Boston Tea Party National Committee. The election will be held in late October.

“It is my goal to help the Boston Tea Party continue to grow and eventually become what the Libertarian Party once was,” said Gatties.

Gatties has launched a new Web site for his BTP vice-chairman candidacy.

Gatties is also a candidate for non-partisan office in Michigan. Running for Lake Michigan College Board of Trustees, he is one of four candidates in a race that will elect three.

Gatties joined the Boston Tea Party partly out of frustration with LP presidential nominee Bob Barr. Gatties originally endorsed Barr, but like many Libertarians, he later had a change of heart. Gatties switched his endorsement to back the Boston Tea Party’s Charles Jay.

Gatties still has a page on his site encouraging people to “Vote Libertarian!

9 thoughts on “Jason Gatties seeks Boston Tea Party vice-chairmanship

  1. Jason_Gatties

    Well yeah, there’s no reason people shouldn’t “vote libertarian”, especially since, outside of Bob Barr, I have no issue with anyone else on the list.

    Barr remains listed (along with Charles Jay) as I didn’t feel like having to explain a million times why I left Barr off, since he is the LP candidate. However on the front page of the site, you will see no graphic link to Bob Barr’s site, but you will find one for Charles Jay.

  2. Jason_Gatties

    If the LP National continues down it’s current path, then no. Hell, if the LP had say a Steve Kubby or Mary Ruwart or someone similar gain the nomination in 2012, I’m pretty sure the BTP would move to endorse that candidate.

    4 years is a long time, anything can happen.

    Again for the record, and I’ve been very open about this, I’m going to remain an active member of the Libertarian Party of SW Michigan and remain on friendly terms with the LP of Michigan, regardless if I win the Vice Chair seat with the Boston Tea Party. They are friends, not my enemy.

    Until the LP National returns to its roots (and I have serious doubts that will ever happen), principled libertarians need a political home and the Boston Tea Party provides that home.

  3. G.E. Post author

    “Barr remains listed (along with Charles Jay) as I didn’t feel like having to explain a million times why I left Barr off, since he is the LP candidate.”

    This is why I decided not to run for office after Barr won the nomination.

  4. G.E. Post author

    I think that I live in a predominantly black district and that I was terrified that Barr would do something like the Helms thing (which he did) but that it would become big news (which so far, it hasn’t) and then I would be viewed by members of my community as a racist.

    Secondly, I didn’t want to have to explain that while I was running as a Libertarian, I do note support the presidential candidate. It looks/sounds unprofessional and makes a mockery of the LP. So I thought it best not to run.

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