Keyes campaign launching new website

A significantly redesigned homepage for appears to have launched today, giving supporters an early look at a long-promised redesign of the campaign’s website. The new page doesn’t have very much information at this point, but that is supposed to change when the full version goes online.

The site calls Keyes an indpendent candidate for President, but also references America’s Independent Party and encourages people to donate to the newly formed entity.

For now, the old site’s material (including the message boards) is still available at

Also, check out this rap created by a Keyes supporter…

It’s mostly anti-Obama, but Keyes gets in the mix as well.

11 thoughts on “Keyes campaign launching new website

  1. Nexus

    Trying to build a political party around a cult of personality doesn’t have a long history of success. It would seem Alan Keyes believes he’s the exception to the historical rule.

  2. Austin Cassidy Post author

    I don’t know if he really wants to start a political party or if he just wants to get on the ballot in Florida and to do that he needs to be the nominee of a party that’s on the ballot in another state or two.

    I kind of feel sorry for Keyes. He did really well in 2000 as a Republican primary candidate… but he made the mistake of accepting the invitation to run against Obama in 2004 for Senate. That was a disaster.

    Then he tries to run for President again this time as a Republican and falls flat on his face… he goes from a solid 3rd place showing in Iowa to no one bothering to even count the handful of votes he got.

    So he goes to the CP… they sort of welcome him in… and then they slam the door in his face by nominating Baldwin.

    He probably feels humiliated and is trying to reestablish some credibility by showing that people will still vote for him… maybe even more than Chuck Baldwin.

    But ultimately, he’s a scam artist and a bit of a nutjob…

  3. paulie cannoli

    He has also approached the LP about running for Senate in New York a few years ago.

    I know he has also run for (US Senate?) in Maryland and talked about running in Alabama, although I don’t think he ever filed here.

  4. Austin Cassidy Post author

    He was the Republican nominee for US Senate in Maryland twice… in 1988 he got 38% of the vote and in 1992 he got 29% of the vote.

  5. Trent Hill

    Ill give him this in Maryland–no Republican has a shot. His votetotals are only slightly crappier than other Republican candidates do in Maryland.

    But the illinois senate race was a joke, and then this stuff is rediculous.

  6. Mike Guess

    “he’s a scam artist and a bit of a nutjob…”
    Nothing else needs to be said about this individual.

  7. paulie cannoli

    Would somebody please give Keyes a job so he will stop running for office.

    Sure. He is welcome to come out and sling a clipboard for ballot access.

  8. G.E.

    Red – Maybe he should volunteer for the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines. That way, he can live off the government AND kill foreigners. The problem is he would have to do some form of “work.”

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