Minnesota Independence Party website gets a facelift

The Independence Party of Minnesota has redesigned its website. Moving away from the color scheme that has framed the site since 2003, the new design embraces a minimalist aesthetic that showcases content produced by leading party members, including a new blog.

The website has been re-branded as “Independence Minnesota” and sees the supersession of the long familiar mnip.org URL with a new address, independenceminnesota.org/.

5 thoughts on “Minnesota Independence Party website gets a facelift

  1. Deran

    I wonder if this is related to Bloomberg recently attending an IP MN meeting? Maybe they got a “thank you” check from him like the NY IP did?

  2. donald raymond lake

    I wonder if this is related to Mayor Mike recently attending that lucheon in MN?

    May be he left a $500 check on the table like IPNY maven Frank MacKay did in so called Reform Party/ now Independence Party John ‘Bible Thumping’ Bambey’s apartment in December 2007?

  3. Fred Church Ortiz Post author

    I sense some people might be wondering if this related to Bloomberg’s attending yesterday’s MNIP gathering, and whether he wrote them a check vis a vis IPNY developments.

  4. donald raymond lake

    Nothing wrong with having an ax or two to grind. It keeps things ‘sharp’ !

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