Minor party weekly radio addresses

I just watched the President’s weekly radio address rebroadcast on C-SPAN this morning, followed by the Democratic response from a Congressman.

As a Republican, I often wonder why third parties don’t emulate some these traditions from the major parties. It seems like a good way to gain additional acceptance and be treated on an equal footing.

A weekly radio response would be a relatively easy thing to put together. At first, the party might need to spend a little money and air the response as an advertisement — maybe on XM or some other national radio venue. After a while though, I suspect C-SPAN and other media could be convinced to begin carrying the Libertarian Response or Green Response as a matter of routine.

The big three minor parties could all use this platform. Imagine a Constitution Party radio address from State Representative Rick Jore. The Greens might tap one of their mayors or city councilmembers to deliver theirs. And the Libertarians have a similar selection of local officials, including mayor Ed Thompson or a former State Representative.

Just a thought. Does anyone know if the big minor parties have ever contemplated this idea?

6 thoughts on “Minor party weekly radio addresses

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    The Jack Layton personality cult is pretty unsettling.

    Any suggestions on who such a consensus leader could be? I’d say Ed Thompson, but I’d prefer he keep pulling in higher wins before we put his face on everything.

  2. G.E.

    It’s like that for the other parties too. I don’t like “cults of personality” either, but I think to the general public, putting a human face on the party would be helpful.

    I think Steve Kubby would be a good choice. He has the respect of all factions.

  3. JimDavidson

    Tom Knapp and I have been interviewed for radio shows several times since the Denver convention. You can find links on bostontea.us. I’m rather fond of the anti-new-world-order radio interview of recent vintage.

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