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More than 500 posts

Time for a little pat on the back. IPR, since its founding a little over 6 weeks ago, has posted over 500 news items about third parties and independent candidates. We’ve tried to maintain a level discourse, keep a friendly atmosphere, and present real news that is of interest to you–the reader.

Now, what can you do? Tell us what we can do better! Any ideas on how to make IPR the best site on the web? Lay them out here. And, as we say here in Louisiana, Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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Trent Hill


  1. richardwinger richardwinger July 3, 2008

    IndependentPoliticalReport is the new “dehnbase”. Remember, Libertarians, in the 1990’s, all the Libertarian Party internal fussings were hashed out on Joe Dehn’s list-serve. Then it went away. Now its successor lives on!

  2. Mike Theodore Mike Theodore July 2, 2008

    Join our Myspace group!!!!

    but do tag along!

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