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With the utter lack of internet presence for the New York Right To Life party, I wanted to see if that was of-neccesity, or because of a lack of knowledge on how to utlilize the internet’s tools. So I have created a yahoo group for the New York Right to Life party, and may soon create a website. When the party has state leadership again, I will offer them these newly-created gifts with a hope that they will utilize them to their fullest extent, and become a thorn in the major-parties’ sides once more.

Anyone who live in New York and is a registered member of the party, or just a supporter, is welcome to join the group here. Anyone who can offer their assistance paying for or designing a website, please submit it to our tip-line.

8 thoughts on “New York Right To Life Party Yahoo! group

  1. kalipay

    The New York state Constitution Party is making itself a website as well (not the current one available… they have disaffiliated from the national CP and aren’t organized anymore), which plans to be out soon.

  2. Trent Hill Post author


    I actually think the NY CP should merge with the NY RTL party. They could take either parties name, and combine. This would serve onemajor purpose for the RTL people–helping them get on the ballot. They tried in 2006 and fell short. This will give them not only extra petitioners and volunteers, but also a National Structure through which to get ballot-access funding. It would benefit the national CP becuase it’d give us 44,000 more registered voters and a pretty successful state party in NY.

  3. Fred Church Ortiz

    I’ve long admired the New York system for making single issue parties like this possible. But Trent – I’d suggest you get really aggressive trying to track down these guys and getting to them first – Keyes’ board has talk of them as well!

  4. Trent Hill Post author


    Have you met any Keyes people? They’re functionally retarded. Even Tom Hoefling, Keyes’ political director (i.e. “handler”) doesnt know ANYTHING about strategy or reaching out. I offered Tom the opportunity to stack Louisiana’s delegation with Keyes supporters to the National convention. He had a list of almost 100 people who had taken “the pledge” over at from Louisiana–and he never even sent them an email! The one guy whom eventually contacted me, called Tom Hoefling and Tom told him NOT TO GO! That I would likely try to convince the man to NOT vote for Keyes. Keyes will be on the ballot in Colorado, maybe here in LA, Florida, and a few other states. That is all.

    But aggressive–I am. I have a list of 19 phone numbers for people who are still active in the RTL, and an email list for a couple more. I may not be successful in reviving the NYRTL, but I can at least steer them clear of Keyes.

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    Good stuff. Trent Hill: saving America one statewide party at a time 😉

  6. kalipay

    That seems like a good idea, Trent, and given their name one would think that it would work. But from what I’ve been told, the RTL party hasn’t lived up to their name, extending their ballot line to candidates who were less than truly pro-life. Also, as you say, it’s pretty unorganized…

  7. Trent Hill Post author


    Sure–but the NY RTL has been overwhelmingly pro-life in itgs history,and one of the few state parties in new york that has never nominated a pro-abortion candidate. They dont cross-nominate republicans just to win–which is probably why they went off the ballot, people got tired of voting for the pro-life candidate,and losing.
    Itspretty unorganized–but im told they’ll be trying to geton the ballot in 2010. IF they’d help us get Baldwin on the ballot this year as an RTL or CPer, we could help them in 2010,and then formally affilliate. Let’s not forget that the NYRTL put Howard Phillips for President on thier ballot in 1996, and he got 25,000 votes.

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