Bob Barr opposes Cuban embargo

via BlueCarp

At a fund raising event Sunday night in Littleton, Colorado, Libertarian nominee for president Bob Barr told a group of supporters, “I am against the Cuban embargo.”

Barr, smoking a non-Cuban cigar in the backyard of Travis Nicks, Libertarian Party of Colorado Chairman, said he would lift the embargo against Cuba as President.

Barr told the group of supporters that more information would be forthcoming in the near future about his position on the Cuban embargo.

3 thoughts on “Bob Barr opposes Cuban embargo

  1. G.E.

    Mike – You act like I only attack Barr out of malice. If he actually says something good (without ruining by saying something horrible in the next breath), I always praise him. I have always praised him for his non-belligerence against Iran — THE best thing about his candidacy.

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