Bob Barr to be the only candidate for president on the ballot in Texas

Due to errors on the part of Republicans and Democrats, both McCain and Obama have failed to file ballot access papers in Texas. Bob Barr, the Libertarian nominee for president, will therefore be the only candidate on the ballot in November.

Other independents and minor party candidates have qualified as write-in candidates. This includes Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Alan Keyes, and others. However, none have achieved Texas’s difficult ballot access standards which require over 74,000 signatures from people who did not vote in the primaries. This year in particular, with astronomical increases in primary participation, getting on the ballot in Texas was deemed not worth the effort for candidates who need to conserve their funds. The Libertarian Party, however, kept its ballot access from 2006 because numerous statewide and local candidates received over 20% of the vote.

How this will play out has yet to be seen. According to Richard Winger’s Ballot Access News, a case similar to this occurred in Indiana in 1988. There was but one independent candidate to make the ballot and neither major party candidate met the deadline. The case went to court and the independent candidate lost, ending up having to share the ballot with both candidates. The judge, in his ruling, said that the case had been filed too late.

As we wait for a reaction from the Libertarian Party and others involved, Independent Political Report will be sure to keep you updated.

0 thoughts on “Bob Barr to be the only candidate for president on the ballot in Texas

  1. NewFederalist

    Let me see… somehow the laws will be interpreted differently and the Demorepublicrats will get on after all. Ah… you just gotta love election laws and courts controlled by the Demorepublicrats. Lovely just lovely.

  2. Arthur DiBianca

    George Donnelly:

    That’s a little bit like saying “We filed our petitions, we just haven’t amended them with the signatures yet.”

  3. Ross Levin Post author

    Yeah, I just read over the new comments since I posted this. Once a definitive conclusion is reached, like I said earlier, I’ll post something more.

  4. NewFederalist

    Perhaps this snafu will help Baldwin get his papers filed for write-in status. It would seem difficult for the state to reject his late filing and yet accept a late filing from… oh, wait… I forgot. THEY make the rules!

  5. richardwinger

    Baldwin did file his write-in papers in time. The state seems to have ignored them, but Baldwin’s Texas people have the evidence that they filed on August 20.

  6. Steve LaBianca

    Know this here and now . . . (Assuming both McCain and Obama are nominated) the Democrats and Republicans WILL have nominees for president on the Texas ballot.

    This reminds me of the shenanigans that went on in Virginia in the early ’90’s (my thanks to Jim Lark for informing me of this several years ago). The Democrats did not put up a candidate to challenge John Warner for the Senate seat he held. Wikipedia explains it this way:

    As was the case in 1990, Warner faced no Democratic opposition in 2002, winning re-election to a fifth term in the Senate by a landslide over an independent candidate.

    That independent candidate was Nancy Spannaus, a Larouchie.

    According to Virginia election law, automatic ballot access for ANY party required that that party receive at least 10% of the votes cast for the last statewide seat up for election. When it came time to run someone for president in 1992 (Bill Clinton), the Democrats had a problem . . . they had no ballot line for the election. So, the Democrat controlled state legislature passed a law to make the automatic ballot access to be more than 10% in either of the last 2 statewide seat elections! Voila, retroactively, the Democrats one again had their ballot access back again!

    The emperors will never allow this to happen. Put it in the bank and bet the farm on it! There WILL be a Democrat and GOP presidential candidates on the ballot in Texas in 2008!

  7. Steve LaBianca

    BTW, if Barr WAS the only candidate on the ballot in Texas, and I lived there, I’d write in Mary Ruwart (she lives in Texas).

  8. richardwinger

    The funny detail about write-ins is that Texas also has a 70-day deadline to file as a declared write-in. So it is even too late for McCain and Obama to file as write-ins.

  9. millerpolitics

    Isn’t there a law in Texas keeping candidates who lost a party primary from being on the ballot there? That would keep Keyes from being on even if he had gotten enough signatures.

  10. Ayn R. Key

    Here, finally, I see something good about the Barr campaign, and I hope Barr lives up to it.

    In 2004 Bush failed to file on time in two states that he eventually won. Had he been disqualified as he should have been according to law, he would not be the president today.

    Nobody, neither the Democrats who stood to benefit, nor the Libertarians just for the hell of it, nor the Greens seeking to mitigate the alleged damage of splitting the left vote, challenged in court the placement of Bush on the ballot. I think Badnarak was just too nice a guy.

    Barr can rise up to the occasion and finally win my undivided support. Until now I’ve been trying to build even tepid support, but he can have my whole hearted support. He’s been using lawsuits to force the ballot issue – he must file one in Texas if Obama and McCain are placed on the ballot. The case is on whether or not Texas should follow Texas law.

    If he files, I will donate. If he files, I will vote for him.

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