Jewish publication profiles Libertarian VP candidate Root

The Jewish Exponent has a piece on Wayne Allyn Root under the headline “Libertarian Candidate For V.P. One Of The Fold.” Root “was raised as a Reform Jew and became a Bar Mitzvah at Sinai Free Synagogue of Mount Vernon, N.Y.” He “has never worked in Washington, D.C., or held political office, and said that his outsider status is part of what makes him an attractive alternative. Root is a former Republican, and founder of the Nevada Republican Jewish Coalition, who has donated to GOP candidates. He said he believes the GOP has abandoned the principles set forth by party standard-bearers like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. … When it comes to Jewish issues, Root said that he was ‘as pro-Israel as any human being in the world can possibly be.’” But he said “for all the money America gives to Israel, it also gives money to enemies of Israel. If the United States were to cut the amount of money given to enemies of Israel, it could also proportionally cut the amount of money that goes to the Jewish state, and give that cash back to taxpayers,” Root argues.

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