Nader looks for debate alternatives

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader discussed the presidential debates during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’s Your World With Neil Cavuto:

“The debate commission, we should remember, is a private corporation created and controlled by the Republican, Democratic parties, they don’t want anyone on the stage with them, even though poll after poll for years showed that the majority of American people want more candidates on the stage. They wanted me and Buchanan by 64 percent in a Fox poll in the year 2000, for example, the American people. So what we’re looking for now is Google, Yahoo!, maybe even a Mayor Bloomberg-sponsored debate on the cities. You know, he’s pretty upset that the Republicans and Democrats are not paying attention to the cities, their problems, their solutions, their poverty, their high school dropout rate, their infrastructure needs.”

One thought on “Nader looks for debate alternatives

  1. Deran

    I think Barr should have taken this approach.

    With a combination of the non-majors, that are going to be on enough state ballots to secure the EC votes, could put together a pretty interesting series of debates, using the internet with live streaming, with multiple, large-format sites for real world gatherings of people. If it caught on enough, I bet it could get enough mainstream coverage? I mean if you had two former-Congresspersons, and Ralph Nader; the jolly old elf of public interest?! And if any of the bolsheviks are on enough ballots, bring them on in, by all means!

    And make it a real debate. They can all be nice to each other, but really speak to their different plans and policy ideas. By October, as the US economy really starts to taste like ashes, people will be interested in some real proposals, not just business as usual, or even just rejiggering of the same old, like Obama is proposing.

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