Natural Law Party puts Ralph Nader on Michigan ballot

Close on the heels of his victory in California, where the Peace and Freedom Party just put Nader on the ballot, the Natural Law Party of Michigan just did the same. Ballot Access News reports:

On July 30, 2008, the Michigan Natural Law Party nominated Ralph Nader for president, and submitted the needed paperwork. Nader is now listed on the Michigan Secretary of State’s webpage as a presidential candidate. The Natural Law Party nationally went out of existence in 2004, but the Michigan party continues to run candidates and polled enough votes to remain on the ballot in both 2004 and 2006. In 2004 the Michigan Natural Law Party had nominated Walt Brown (Socialist Party) for president.

This makes it a dozen states where Nader is officially on the ballot: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington State.

Additionally, his campaign has completed signatures drives, and is waiting on official confirmation of ballot status in Arkansas, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and West Virginia, and is seeking nomination of state parties in Delaware and Florida.

Thus far, BAN lists only Indiana, North Carolina and Texas as states where Nader has already been eliminated from having a chance of being on the ballot.

11 thoughts on “Natural Law Party puts Ralph Nader on Michigan ballot

  1. Sivarticus

    Good for Nader, but how does the Natural Law Party still have ballot access there? I thought they died off years ago…

  2. Jason_Gatties

    The NLP of Michigan has remained active. You only need around 15,000 votes or so (give or take) to remain on the ballot. The NLP of Michigan normally runs people for Statewide races in order to maintain the ballot status, which they have been able to do.

    This year, it looks like they are running only 2 candidates…Nader & Doug Dern for US Senate. Given the fact that Nader got over 24,000 votes in 2004, my best guess is, the NLP will retain ballot access after this election cycle as well.

    There are plans for a “re-birth” of the party in Michigan and I expect you will see more candidates running in 2010 than the past 2 election cycles combined.

  3. Eric Prindle

    Does the Michigan NLP still adhere to a platform based on Transcendental Meditation (a.k.a. “proven solutions”)?

    If not, it is a shame that parties in Michigan can’t change their names. I’m sure Nader’s liberal lawyer constituency will be confused when his ballot line invokes the principle of “natural law.”

  4. G.E.

    Gatties – They’re not running candidates for the education offices?

    This could be the last year they’re on the ballot, then.

    They need about 0.5% of the vote to stay on (a little less — 1% of the votes cast for the winning candidate for secretary of state the previous election).

  5. Jason_Gatties

    They need 20,899 votes to retain.

    I still say its possible Nader can get that in Michigan.

    Outside of Nader, Dern is the only candidate they are running.

  6. G.E.

    Possible, sure.

    Nader got 24,035 last time.

    The NLP’s candidate — Walt Brown — got just 1,431!

    But Kathleen Dern for one of the education offices racked up 87,000 votes. All four of the NLP’s candidate for those offices got at least 57,000 votes.

    In other words, if it is a guaranteed shoo-in to stay on the ballot once you get ballot access in Michigan. Guaranteed. If the moribund NLP can get four times as many votes as necessary, then ANY party could do it.

    But that’s with running those ed. offices. There is certainly a chance Nader could poll fewer than 20,899.

  7. donald raymond lake

    Is NL still good in Idaho? The United Party guy and his wife used the NL line for the First Congressional District of [Bosie] Idaho in 2006. I took a few thousand dollars and six weeks.

    In P2004, independently and separately, BAN’s Richard Winger, third party gadfly Philip Sawyer, and my self suggested that the Reform Party of California [and then to the Nader/ Camejo bungled ballot effort] initiate a friendly take over of the still warm body of California NLP.

    Reform Party of California is still not ballot accessed and John Blare is skill fully keeping the up dated officer slate off of the Secretary of State web site.

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