Fascists, unarchists, Nader, and Barr

California’s North Coast Journal continues its look at some lesser-known presidential candidates, this time profiling independent Richard Duncan, United Fascist Union candidate Jack Grimes, and Unarchy candidate Donald Sauter.

The Journal also handicaps the “race for third place,” saying independent Ralph Nader is likely to top Libertarian Bob Barr: “There’s confusion in the political camp that spawned Ron Paul, former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican mystic. Because Bob Barr is no Ron Paul, the Libertarians will finish 4th again.”

6 thoughts on “Fascists, unarchists, Nader, and Barr

  1. Thomas M. Sipos

    “United Fascist Union” is thrice redundant.

    A United Union? Aren’t all unions united?

    And I believe “fascist” means unions, roughly. It derives from the Italian “fasces,” which was a bundle of sticks and an ax, tied together, hence, united.

  2. Thomas M. Sipos

    Okay, I went to their website. Curiously, they don’t use a fasces as their symbol.

    They use a Satanic pentagram: an upside down pentagram, as opposed to the Wiccan pentagram, which is rightside up.

  3. Mike Gillis

    Grimes looks like a cross between a convicted sex offender, a serial killer and Pee Wee Herman.

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