Green Party compares McKinney to Obama and Biden on labor and economic justice issues

From a Green Party press release, which also quotes Seize the Time, an essay by Cynthia McKinney:

• Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente
— oppose ‘free trade’ agreements and unelected international trade authorities (NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT, ‘Fast Track’, etc.) that give corporate power and profit priority over labor rights and
environmental protections; Ms. McKinney has voted against these agreements and advocates withdrawal.
— support democratic workplaces and repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act (restrictions on union organizing).
— support human rights protections and amnesty for undocumented immigrants, an end to raids, and tearing down the border wall. They call the flood of new immigrants a result of economic policies and
agreements (e.g., NAFTA) that impoverish people and drive them across borders.
— favor a strong safety net for middle- and low-income working people and families, with support for Main Street (small businesses and local economies) instead of Wall Street, and a massive transfer of federal funding from military contract and war spending to human needs.
Cynthia McKinney on labor and corporations

Ms. McKinney on the economy

• Barack Obama and Joseph Biden
— support amended ‘free trade’ agreements and unelected international trade authorities; Mr. Biden voted for many such agreements and for ‘Fast Track’ presidential trade authority.
— are silent on Taft-Hartley. The Democratic Party has failed to deliver for working people despite Election Year endorsements from unions.
— Favor immigration reform but Mr. Obama voted yes on the border wall and more border policing and surveillance.
— support many economic policies that favor the wealthy, major corporations, and Wall Street, with limited aid for poor and middle-income Americans. Mr. Obama has praised the 1996 Welfare Reform Act signed by Bill Clinton, which severely hurt millions of Americans, especially women, during the recent economic downturn, and supports Bush-agenda ‘faith-based’ initiatives. Mr. Biden helped
draft the 2005 bankruptcy bill that gave credit-card companies and other financial institutions greater power over Americans facing economic difficulties. See “Obama is flat-out kicking McCain’s ass
when it comes to Wall Street contributions” (“Candidates for Sale” by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, August 21, 2008,

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