Libertarian Barr ‘damned serious’ campaign profiled

Campaigns and Elections has a 2,600-word piece on Libertarian Bob Barr’s run for the presidency, headlined “See Bob Run: Barr Is Damned Serious About Becoming President.” Writer Doug Daniels says despite the “campaign’s sloppiness in certain areas, there’s also, out of both necessity and good intention, a genuine eagerness to grant access to the press and to be as cooperative as possible in getting their message out.”

Daniels also says Barr “thinks he can slice into” John McCain’s “base by attacking the Arizona senator’s conservative bona fides. … The McCain campaign has declined to comment on Barr’s candidacy, and if they’re concerned, they certainly haven’t demonstrated it by creating ballot-access road blocks –the typical recourse for major party candidates who feel threatened by third-party candidates. The Obama people, though, have made it clear that they believe Barr could indeed be a spoiler for McCain. In late June, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe predicted Barr could get 4 percent in Georgia and Arkansas, all ‘from McCain’s hide.'”

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