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Libertarian Barr discusses McCain speech

Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr appeared on CNN on Friday morning to discuss John McCain’s Republican nomination acceptance speech. Barr said, “There were very, very few specifics in his speech last night, and this points out the sort of dearth of ideas in the Republican Party. There’s nothing really in terms of deep cuts in federal spending. He gave a mild, sort of lukewarm passing offhanded support for maybe there might be some tax cuts, or at least we’ll try and keep taxes low. He went out of his way for some reason to antagonize Russia which seems sort of odd. We do have a lot of problems in the world, and yet he apparently has decided that it’s almost worth going to war with Russia over what’s happening in Georgia. But in terms of domestic policies, domestic spending, getting the government out of people’s lives, getting the government out of Mom and Pop businesses, there was absolutely nothing of substance there. And this is the real problem that Mr. McCain is facing with a lot of real conservatives and Libertarians.”

Barr was also interviewed on Pacifica Radio’s “Uprising” program Friday; an MP3 is available.

And offers a brief assessment of the Barr campaign, saying, “Scoffers scoff and mockers mock, but” Barr “continues to campaign as the duly nominated presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. … GOP attitudes toward Barr, 59, are mixed. Some Republicans support him and are glad to see him push the small-government message. Others worry that Barr will siphon votes from John McCain in battleground states and flip them to Democratic nominee Barack Obama, especially in states likely to be decided by razor-thin margins.”

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  1. Ross Levin Ross Levin September 6, 2008

    Barr, Ron Paul, and Jesse Ventura were all briefly on Bill Maher’s show on Friday.

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