Penn Jillette doesn’t want ‘a great leader’ as president

In a commentary, libertarian media personality Penn Jillette writes, “I don’t think our next president being a great leader is a good thing. I’m worried about someone smarter than Bush taking over that tremendous power. Charisma and ambition increase my fear exponentially, and a great leader scares me to death. We need someone stupid enough to understand that the president of the United States can’t solve many problems without taking away freedom and therefore shouldn’t try. The only reason John McCain scares me a little less” than Barack Obama “is because I think he’s a little less likely to win. They both promise a government that will watch over us, and I don’t like that. … I think Ron Paul and Bob Barr mean it when they say they want much smaller government. But the government is already big enough, powerful enough and bipartisan enough (and ‘bi’ means exactly two and no more) that Ron and/or Bob won’t even be in the debates. People won’t even hear someone suggesting that our president should do less and individual citizens should do more for themselves. The choice shouldn’t be which lesser of two evils should have the enormous power of our modern presidents. The question should be, who would do less as president? Who would leave us alone?”

2 thoughts on “Penn Jillette doesn’t want ‘a great leader’ as president

  1. Arthur Torrey

    I’ve always said that Penn & Teller should run – they have an automatic great campaign slogan –

    “Vote for me, and make the IRS (or other gov’t agency) disappear – FOR REAL!”


  2. Spence

    I could possibly see Drew Carey run for Mayor somewhere here in Cali, not Penn and Teller. I see more going for him, but he’s got no real incentive to right now.

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